Which Chinese Product Research Startups are Transforming Industry Norms in 2023?

In the recent years, China has established itself as a hub of innovation with a wide variety of startups particularly excelling within product research. These startups are ushering in a new era of transformative solutions across multiple industries ranging from healthcare to technology and biotechnology. This feature will spotlight and unpack fifteen such unique startups that are contributing to the research and development landscape in China.

These companies underscore the relentless pursuit for ingenuity and groundbreaking solutions that push the boundaries of what is considered possible. Together, they exemplify the country’s dynamic and evolving start-up ecosystem and the significant strides the nation is making in the global product research sphere.

From creating new drugs with artificial intelligence, to the use of organic semiconductor photovoltaic technology, these startups continue to revolutionize and inspire. Through the ingenuity of these companies, we are able to also glimpse at what the future promises in terms of technological growth and advancement in these respective fields.


MingMed is a cancer therapy and vision care firm based in China. They delve into product research in cancer therapy developing groundbreaking solutions to better help individuals with cancer. The vision sector of the company works on producing optimised solutions for better eye care.

Westlake Therapeutics

As a player in the growing healthcare research sector, Westlake Therapeutics is dedicated to the development of innovative cell therapy products for rare diseases and cancer.

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Galixir integrates artificial intelligence technology to enhance the research and development of new drugs. Their focus is to move along the research in drug development to new heights.

Blue Protein

Blue Protein is a research-focused biotech company that develops animal feed and edible insects. This innovative approach adds a new dimension to the concept of sustainable food circles and sources.

Demeter Biotechnology

Demeter Biotechnology specializes in microalgae synthetic biotechnology and provides microalgae-based products. They are dedicated towards the commitment of developing innovative biotech products.

Zeno Biotech

With a focus on synthetic biology and fermentation engineering technology, Zeno Biotech is set to develop natural products that are sustainable and versatile in their application.


A subsidiary of the Suns Bio Group, Gensciences is a promising biopharmaceutical company engaged in active research and development for new product formulations.

Overland Pharmaceuticals

The biopharma company, Overland Pharmaceuticals, delivers a dynamic approach to drug discovery, focusing on niche markets with unmet medical needs.

3H Pharmaceuticals

Specializing in research and development of macromolecular antibody drugs and innovative small molecules, 3H Pharmaceuticals is making significant strides in its field.

Evergreen Therapeutics

Evergreen Therapeutics focuses on research and development of clinical drugs, specifically in the areas of immunity and ophthalmology, aiming to push therapeutic boundaries.

Chasing Light Technology

Providing specialized technological solutions, Chasing Light centres around R&D and production. They specialize in organic semiconductor photovoltaic technology.

Nanzhi Core Material

Nanzhi Core Material, though no online presence, is an innovative research and development manufacturer of optical grade lithium niobate crystal, contributing to the growth of optical materials space.

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Aoxue Ruishi

Aoxue Ruishi is a virtual reality technology firm for industrial sectors. They bring innovative solutions and provide industrial sectors with state of the art VR products.

Jieshang Health

Jieshang Health, though available information is limited, specializes in AI moxa inhalation and wormwood moxibustion for cigarette products. This innovative approach utilizes technology to manage smoking habits and develop healthier alternatives.


Unistarcom produces core optical modules and subsystems in the sphere of space laser communication and optical fiber sensing, making meaningful contributions to the future of space communication.

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