What Are China’s Top IoT Startups Impacting Global Tech Landscape?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is bringing a new digital revolution worldwide, and China is not an exception. With an eye to becoming a global leader in this technology, the country is fostering and nurturing IoT startups and companies. Their innovative applications span across various sectors such as manufacturing, agriculture, healthcare, environment, and automotive. Here, we present some of the promising IoT startups and companies from China which are making waves in their respective fields.

These startups are not just transforming industries within China, but their innovative solutions and products are attracting worldwide attention. Ranging from big data service platforms to intelligent networked vehicle services, the range of products and solutions these companies offer is broad and revolutionary. Here’s a closer look at these game-changing startups.

Please note, the list is in no particular order and each of these startups is unique in its own way – offering something new and innovative to the world of IoT. So without any further ado, let’s dive in and know more about these startups and their contributions in the field of IoT.


Freeyond is based in Shenzen and is focused on manufacturing next-generation technology, including mobiles and IoT products – changing the game not only in mobile technology but also in IoT.


Serving the cold storage field, Lianku is an IoT big data service platform aiming to revolutionize the logistics industry in China.

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Micronano Core

Micronano Core dedicates its operations to AIoT series chip products and develops advanced technology applications for intelligent IoT.

Weiju Intelligent Control

Weiju Intelligent Control specializes in managing the manufacturing and supply chain of RFID equipment, a pivotal component of IoT infrastructure.

Renchuang Environmental Protection

With a focus on intelligent environmental protection technology research and development, Renchuang Environmental Protection plays a significant role in the ecological aspect of the IoT industry.

Yi Nongyuan

Yi Nongyuan is an agtech company focusing on transforming traditional agriculture to digital agriculture – an essential movement in the age of IoT.

Hanene Technology

Hanene Technology is a developer of macro graphene films with high thermal conductivity and high electrical conductivity, a crucial material for IoT applications.

Huabao Technology

Huabao Technology is pioneering IoT smart devices and ultra-low power systems, optimizing IoT solutions for energy efficiency.

Carbon Balance Technology

Carbon Balance Technology is a carbon-neutral digital solution service provider, maintaining an essential balance in the IoT world.

Mei Xing Zhi Neng

Specializing in the R&D, design, production, and sales of aquaculture IoT devices and smart farming data platforms, Mei Xing Zhi Neng fosters the growth of smart farming.

Puta Technology

Puta Technology is an intelligent networked vehicle service provider, integrating IoT into the automotive industry.


Remaster offers customers test and measurement equipment, performance testing, and measurement solutions for IoT implementations.

Zhilian Technology

Zhilian Technology is a research and development company that offers automotive electronic products integral to IoT advancements in the automotive industry.

Fino Gate

Focusing on creating a new generation of controllable, credible, and secure Internet computing, Fino Gate takes IoT security and reliability to the next level.

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GuardStrike focuses on providing quality assurance and security protection solutions for emerging software in the IoT ecosystem.

In conclusion, these companies are not just innovating for the sake of development but are paving the way for a new digitized World. By harnessing IoT, these companies are solving real-world problems and fundamentally changing the way we live and work.

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