Which Colombian Software Startups are Dominating the Tech Scene in 2023?

In recent years, Colombia’s technology scene has garnered international attention for its innovative startups. These up-and-coming companies are harnessing the power of software development to address a wide range of issues. Whether it’s finance, AI, IoT, E-commerce, Cleantech, or customer service applications, there’s a Colombian software company making strides in the field. These companies, often working in challenging environments, serve as a testament to the adaptability and resourcefulness of the Colombian entrepreneurial spirit.

Among the prominent players are pioneering software startups that have not only reinvented traditional business models but presented groundbreaking approaches to problem-solving. They are transforming industries and improving services across the digital landscape. As we look at these 15 startups, it’s inspiring to see how they are using technology to drive positive change and growth.

Get acquainted with the following companies forging their unique paths in the software industry, infusing their work with innovative thinking and a bold vision for the future. Each company is embodying a distinct commitment to harnessing modern technologies to create practical, comprehensive solutions.


Vaas is a shining star in the software industry in Colombia. Although little public information exists about the company, they have managed to carve out a unique niche in the software landscape.


Qentaz is an impactful fintech company providing a platform that empowers micro and small businesses to administer their finances with ease. The company’s cutting-edge technology is aimed at simplifying financial management for smaller enterprises.

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Ressolve has distinguished itself in the AI industry with a focus on Speech/text analytics and NLP/NLU. Their offering leverages AI to provide advanced and comprehensive solutions to its clients.


CelerSMS delivers business solutions in the domains of IoT, M2M, and communication technologies. The company’s products are designed to enable businesses to adapt and thrive in an increasingly digital world.


RunFalcon is a remarkable player in the software industry. Its cloud-based, codeless, and on-demand automated performance testing platform attests to the potential of SaaS models in practical settings.


Certika is a company devoted to the certification of digital documents, certificates, and digital badges under Blockchain technology. In the modern business world, securing digital assets is crucial, and Certika is providing the necessary technology for this purpose.


Bazurto is a multifaceted software company focusing on marketplace, e-commerce, mobile App, payments, and legal documents. The company recognizes the increased demand for digital solutions across various industries and aims to meet these needs through constant innovation.


Veci is a productivity tool for SMEs. Offering innovative technological solutions, Veci is setting the precedent for modern, efficient operational practices in businesses of all sizes.


Muta is a Cleantech company that is transforming waste into opportunity, offering businesses, companies, and households an integral recycling solution. It represents an innovative intersection of software development and environmental sustainability.

Vanguard Vision AI

Vanguard Vision AI is a B2B SaaS startup developing Vision AI & deep learning solutions for security and property asset management, leveraging cutting-edge technology to improve and revolutionize traditional systems.

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PayRabbit is a mobile dataphone that allows users to make charges via WhatsApp or from their favorite social networks, embodying the emerging trend of social-commerce.


Skale is a tech platform helping SMEs understand their financial needs and find the service that suits them, acting as an important tool for better financial management and decision-making.


Boardgent is a user-friendly platform for remotely managing and protecting computers. As remote work becomes increasingly prevalent, Boardgent’s value proposition becomes even more relevant.

Hibot Chat

Hibot Chat is a multichannel chat software for customer service and support. They enable businesses to reach and serve their customers more efficiently, providing a quality and smooth customer experience.


TuCash specializes in boosting brands by rewarding its users for buying, reviewing, and referring products. They leverage technology to improve customer engagement and satisfaction.

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