Who are the Pioneering E-Commerce Sandboxes Revamping Malaysia’s Market in 2023?

Welcome to the bustling hub of startups in the eCommerce industry in Malaysia. We encounter an ever-growing contemporary market where innovative startups compete and converge to cater to the sense of the new age consumerism. In this feature, we present a curated list of 15 fascinating E-Commerce startups and companies in Malaysia. Each one of these enterprises represents a unique approach to digital retail, and their exciting products, ingenious business models, and impressive market presences make them all worthy of attention. Allow us to be your guide as we delve into what makes these companies tick.

All of these companies provide a distinct value to the market, addressing different needs and targeting different consumer demographics. From the strength-leg product powerhouse SHINAN UNITED BERHAD to the digital haircare & beauty service marketplace JomCUT, these companies showcase a broad range of commerce industries effectively transitioned into the online world. So, let’s introduce these digital pioneers, doing E-Commerce interestingly and differently.

We also observe that tech startups have been leveraging on the burgeoning tech infrastructure, robust digital adoption, and a budding startup ecosystem in Malaysia. These companies are not just surviving the eCommerce revolution; they are driving it. Let’s map out some of these digital innovators and their commendable feats!


SHINAN UNITED BERHAD is the proud owner of the number one leg strengthening product in Malaysia under the Master Wong brand.

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Yezza provides a platform that allows merchants to create an online store in minutes, enabling sales via WhatsApp.


Aladin.my operates in the automotive sector, offering an engaging eCommerce platform.


ProcBaba‘s mission is to simplify internet marketing for businesses, offering a unique mix of services and products.


SparkFit serves as the personal trainer in your pocket, helping you reach your fitness goals with your best match trainer.


Being Malaysia’s largest online wine store, Lavowine brings a unique alcoholic beverage shopping experience to Malaysia’s online market.

APA Corp

APA Corp is an exciting venture that is introducing gamified eCommerce to the world.


Bleebluh is a full-fledged, interactive, video-based shopping platform.


SoothOil’s focus is on wellness products, featuring car fresheners, essential oil blends, lip balm, and nasal inhalers.


JomCUT innovates the haircare and beauty service sector with a digital service SaaS-enabled marketplace.

Barn & Jones

Barn & Jones creates artisanal, quality soy wax candles, handcrafted in Malaysia, and sold globally.

Craftec Web Design

Craftec Web Design offers trusted web design services for Micro-SMEs, based in Malaysia but serving international clients.


SUPERBIG DISTRIBUTION CENTRE SDN BHD serves as a distribution centre and warehouse for the supply chain of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and disposables.

Salt Tech

Salt Tech specializes in e-commerce, design, branding, and digital marketing for businesses.


Spaceran retails a wide range of tech products, from headphones and drones to laptops and computer accessories.

This list showcases the vibrant diversity of eCommerce startups in Malaysia where creativity meets commerce in the digital marketplace. It affirms an optimistic outlook for Malaysia’s eCommerce ecosystem, promising exciting possibilities and innovations in the times ahead.

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