Which E-Commerce Startups are Revolutionizing Hong Kong’s Retail Scene?

Hong Kong is fast becoming a bustling hub for e-commerce startups, leveraging its strategic location and robust infrastructure. Understanding this, we decided to highlight some of the most promising e-commerce startups and companies based in Hong Kong. These businesses have a variety of interesting concepts and unique offerings that cater to a wide array of customers and are further proliferating the growth of e-commerce in the region. Here’s a list of 15 of these innovative companies that are challenging the status quo and shaking things up in the digital landscape with their unique services.


Peeba presents a better shopping experience for local retailers in Asia. They have made it their mission to offer unique product discovery and serve as a go-between the local retailers and the customers who wish for an enriching local shopping experience.


Ekomlita is a multi-brand retailer offering marketing and e-commerce solutions. An exciting platform that provides exclusive and unique goods online, Ekomlita is steadily gaining momentum in the market.

Wilson Communications

Wilson Communications serves as a one-stop solution for a variety of products, including sports gear, health products, PCs, and electronic consumer products, besides its mobile phone retail operation.


Travoo presents a unique blend of social media and marketplace aimed specifically towards travellers, enabling them to leverage the platform while exploring new places.


ANTDIY aims to streamline the e-commerce journey of businesses by offering effective e-commerce tools and support. Apart from simplifying the process, the company helps enterprises to grow their business in a more efficient way.

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Qraftie acts as an effective platform for creators to eliminate the marketing cost of their creations and for customers to find unique gifts with ease, bringing the creators and buyers under one roof.

The Blinx

The Blinx offers a unique platform that functions as a mobile app and web-based lending platform, along with being a marketplace.


TaoTaro streamlines e-commerce operations right from the licensing to the deployment process, making the overall process easier and effective for its users.


BeautyFact is Asia’s first beauty safety checking tool that caters to all your beauty product safety needs.


COFFEEJU™ is an online premium coffee& coffee machines site which operates as a third-party online marketplace & first-party direct retail, thereby attracting a large base of coffee lovers.

Petion Technology Company Limited

Petion Technology Company Limited brings pet businesses together, connecting different pet-related companies and helping them grow with each other’s support.


OhMyCourse serves as an online marketplace for interesting classes, bringing variety at your fingertips and expanding the learning horizon.


DELTAone is a Dubai based online store that offers a vast range of accessories including rings, necklaces, wallets, chains, bags, pendants, and bracelets online, enabling users to buy premium jewelry with ease.


CIMP Tech is a forward-thinking LMS and E-commerce agency based in Hong Kong that offers a diverse portfolio of e-solutions, including product lifecycle management, enterprise resource planning, and more.


Artfia lets you create personalized gifts, custom products, and unique gift ideas, bringing creativity to your fingertips and offering a more personal touch to your gifting habits.

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These startups are just a few of the innovative ventures thriving in the e-commerce space of Hong Kong. They are redefining the industry by their unique offerings and playing a commendable role in advancing the world of internet commerce in Hong Kong while meeting the ever-changing needs and demands of their consumers. Keep an eye out on these exciting brands!

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