Which are Hong Kong’s Most Influential Software Startups in 2023?

With an innovative spirit, Hong Kong has become a fertile ground for burgeoning software startups. These fledgling companies challenge the boundaries of creativity and leverage the power of technology, propelling numerous industries into the digital age. From robotics to dining, software development to digital marketing, these companies are redefining and disrupting traditional business models.

We’re thrilled to explore some of Hong Kong’s top software companies that are driving technology trends and beyond. Our selection features a broad spectrum of startups, all seizing the opportunities that digitization presents. Each startup showcases a unique approach to problem-solving, underscored by a desire to enhance efficiency, accessibility, and user satisfaction.

For the entrepreneurs, industry professionals, or tech enthusiasts eager to keep a close eye on Hong Kong’s dynamic software sector, here are 15 startups raising the technological bar.


DimOrder is taking the dining industry to the next level. Their mission is to enhance the dining experience for all by employing innovative software solutions. This startup is a testament to the power of leveraging technology in transforming traditional industries.


Determined to revolutionize trekking as we know it, Silverlight is creating the world’s best hiking socks and a crypto “hike-to-earn” app. This unique combination of physical products and cutting-edge software technology illustrates the breadth of potential within the startup sector.

Co-Working Bird

Co-working Bird seeks to streamline the recruitment process. As an on-demand recruiting platform, they connect companies to the talent they need promptly and efficiently, thus challenging traditional hiring practices.

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Designed as a comprehensive downloader for YouTube and other HD video streaming sites, iTubeGo seeks to optimize data retrieval from the internet. With their innovative approach, they cater to the needs of an increasingly media-savvy audience.

Mango Animate

Targeting both individuals and business users, Mango Animate develops engaging animation makers that make the creation of animations an accessible and enjoyable process.

Axiox Media

With the aim of improving conversion rates for businesses, Axiox Media is maximizing the potential of digital marketing strategies. They save companies time, cost, and effort through the appropriate use of user-friendly software.

Tusk Robots

Tusk Robots is a robotics company focusing on the research and development of robots. They combine hardware and software design to create intelligent machines, embodying the future of innovation.


Bridged between the domains of SaaS, games, and social interaction, Brightful aims to enhance the user experience in these areas, showcasing the immense power of software in connecting people and ideas.

Anonymous VPN

Addict to online security and privacy, Anonymous VPN provides private internet access to ensure safe online transactions. Their services demonstrate the increasing importance of cyber protection in today’s digital age.


Offering a variety of services, DigitSense excels at software development and digital marketing solutions. They are building smarter solutions to bring about a digitally empowered world.

Shoalter Technology

Shoalter Technology is a full-service firm providing turnkey solutions, software and hardware solutions, workflow procedures, and final facilities. Their innovative approach pushes the boundaries of integrated tech solutions.

VidJuice UniTube

For those seeking to download and convert videos and audio effectively, VidJuice UniTube offers the ideal solution. They make media retrieval a breeze, underlining the benefits of tailored software.

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Bare Cove Technology

Specializing in cybersecurity, software development, and cloud technologies, Bare Cove Technology is a full-stack tech firm. Their work highlights the broad spectrum of software development—and its critical role in today’s tech landscape.


For those seeking to build engaging landing pages without coding, EarlyBird offers a versatile solution. Leveraging SaaS and no-code technologies, they’re simplifying web development like never before.

ONEs Software

ONEs Software focuses on providing top-notch services such as mobile and web app development. Their innovative thinking and meticulous designs truly captures the essence of modern software startups.

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