Who Are Russia’s Most Influential E-Commerce Pioneers Shaping 2023?

As the world continues to adjust to digital advances, now more than ever, businesses are taking their companies online. This digital revolution is significantly seen for startups in the E-commerce sector, even more specifically in the Russian Federation. An important player in the global market, the Russian Federation boasts a growing tech scene with online startups disrupting traditional business models. Here, we explore 15 E-commerce startups and companies that mark the Russian digital landscape with their innovative solutions.

Ranging from subscription-based services to online trading platforms and live stream sales platforms, these startups utilize technology to enhance their business models and cater to the increasing digital consumer base. These companies have also managed to make significant headway within their respective sectors, making innovative contributions to the world of E-commerce.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into these industry-changing Russian E-commerce startups and companies, all geared up to revolutionize the digital world and beyond.


Halsa operates in the wellness sector, offering vitamin kits to its customers on a monthly basis. Capitalizing on the growing health trend, Halsa brings convenience and personalization to its audience.


Coming to the rescue for all foodies, Gotovo is an online food delivery service thriving in the Russian E-commerce scene.


StreamSale brings a refreshing change to the way we shop. It operates as a SaaS, live-stream shopping platform, allowing customers to stream, engage with merchants, and purchase products all in one place.

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Eyebuy is another live video shopping platform making significant headways. This E-commerce startup revolutionizes retail by offering an immersive online shopping experience.


B2BTRADE operates as an online trading platform, organizing wholesale sales and purchases for its users.


With a strong focus on the fashion industry, Capsula delivers personalized styling services along with an online shopping experience.


Providing an e-Commerce platform and mobile app, SberMegaMarket includes a variety of consumer goods such as food items, groceries, and more.

Wild Kratom

Wild Kratom is an E-commerce platform that delivers lab-tested, premium kratom right at your doorstep.


Gamemode is a unique platform where gamers can buy and sell services related to computer games, tapping into a niche yet growing market.


Please your palate with Seoulbox, an online seller of Korean snack boxes. Get a taste of Korea with this unique subscription box service.


LunchPal is a subscription food ordering platform, delivering local restaurant food to your doorstep with just a click.

Catering World

An aggregator of catering services, Catering World aims to provide a one-stop-platform for all your catering needs.


Mr.Airev stands out with its AI-tech tailor-made clothing and worldwide at-place looks rental. Unfortunately, the company does not have an active website.


Targeting a niche market of transportation, Gway is a professional taxi service operating in Russia.


AnyVeny is a social reselling platform that capitalizes on social media’s power, contributing an innovative solution to the E-commerce market.


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