Which Indian Blockchain Startups are Reshaping the Financial Services Sector?

The rapidly accelerating wave of technology and digital metamorphosis is taking the Indian startup ecosystem by storm, with Blockchain taking a notable lead. Catering to various sectors from waste management to social networking and fan engagement, these ventures are embodying the future of technology in India. Here are a few noteworthy Blockchain companies that are setting a new benchmark in the Indian startup space.

With an aim to revolutionize existing systems with a touch of blockchain technology, these startups deliver sustainable and efficient solutions for a variety of sectors. From community engagement in sports and art to finance and agricultural technology, these enterprises reflect the diverse applications of this technology.

Not only are these companies providing unparalleled solutions that streamline processes, but they are also offering radical concepts that merge blockchain technology with contemporary trends such as e-sports, metaverses and NFTs. So without further ado, let’s dive into the Indian world of blockchain startups.

Cercle X

An Inception in the waste management industry, Cercle X manifests the power of blockchain through its SaaS-based platform. The company accelerates waste management processes of brands and governments with an added bonus of 100% traceability.

TrayamBhu Tech Solutions

Offering a multichain blockchain platform, TrayamBhu Tech Solutions demonstrates the adaptability and versatility harbored by the blockchain technology.


Bridging the gap between sports teams and their fans, SportZchain leverages the power of blockchain for fan engagement initiatives.

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Breeding unity in diversity, CiSApp is a unique blockchain-based social network that unites the spheres of social and business networking under one canopy.

Deliq Finance

Deliq Finance paves the way for a decentralized liquidity provisioning protocol that fuels the Avalanche ecosystem and takes outsourcing a notch higher.


NeoFanTasy is a fan-centric fantasy game platform with blockchain technology at its core. It offers Crypto Tokens and NFTs as rewards to its users.

Dojima Network

An omnipotent platform, Dojima Network is a decentralized cross-chain layer 1 platform that blurs the barriers between major blockchains.


Integrating art with technology, ArtBot.tv offers a blockchain-based marketplace for music and videos, upholding the perspective of decentralized creativity.

Yorozuya Gaming

Yorozuya Gaming, a conglomerate of gaming & metaverse companies, pushes the edge of envelope by blending Gaming, Metaverses, NFTs, and large-scale events.

Art Circle

Art Circle, a blockchain-based community network, promotes networking and collaboration amongst art and design professionals.


Digitizing the agribusiness landscape, Cropway facilitates stakeholders with a SaaS-based Agtech platform to foster data-driven decisions.


Reviving the realm of eWallets, QKard presents an innovative, secured, and rewarding blockchain-based eWallet solution.


Vorlds esteems the concept of metaverses using blockchain technology to reshape digital interactions and engagements.

INR Group

Steering financial growth in blockchain and metaverse industry, INR Group provides investment assistance, ushering in refined financial prospects.

SneKa India

Revolutionizing the banking system, SneKa India concepts a decentralized Neo-banking system powered by the blockchain technology.

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