Which Indian AI Startups are Redefining the Tech Industry in 2023?

As the world continues to evolve in the age of digital transformation, artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming the driving force in a variety of industries. Companies are leveraging AI capabilities to create innovative solutions and disruptive technologies that are changing the course of traditional business practices. India, with its robust startup ecosystem, is home to a plethora of AI-driven companies that are making significant strides in their respective sectors. This article presents 15 intriguing AI startups based in India that are transforming industries ranging from education and healthcare, to manufacturing and marketing.

These startups are not only creating innovative AI-driven solutions but are also contributing towards India’s transformation into an AI powerhouse. They leverage AI to analyze data, optimize processes, and improve the decision-making process. Their efforts have the potential to revolutionize sectors such as edtech, healthcare, industrial manufacturing, and more.

The growth of AI companies in India is spurred by the government’s push towards digitalization, rising investment in the tech industry, and a growing digital consumer base. These factors are setting the stage for AI startups to grow and thrive in the Indian market. Let’s delve into understanding these 15 startups better.

Sortera Alloys

Sortera Alloys is a remarkable AI company that is changing the landscape of domestic manufacturing in India. By leveraging AI to manufacture low-cost, high-quality metal alloys, Sortera Alloys is significantly contributing towards the growth and sustainability of the domestic manufacturing industry.

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Pillar is an interview intelligence platform that uses AI to enable teams to hire faster, better, and more equitably. It’s innovative approach to the hiring process exemplifies the potential AI has to revolutionize traditional business practices.


In the realm of communication tech, Dynopii is a standout. Their SaaS real-time communication AI technologies are disrupting traditional patterns of business interaction, driving the move towards a digital-first environment.


DcodeAI is spearheading the integration of AI in education technology. They provide no-code tools to teach students how to use AI, democratizing access to AI education and fostering the next generation of AI pioneers.

Asvin Tech

Indian dental tech company Asvin Tech is digitizing dentistry with its AI-powered intraoral dental 3D scanners. These cost-effective and scalable tools are transforming how dentists operate and serve patients.


QTIC.AI is the first AI-powered, global platform for managing mass inspections. By strategically harnessing the power of AI, this firm is simplifying complex tasks in the inspection management industry.


Cobomba uses AI to improve the efficacy of content marketing. Their AI-driven tools audit brand content, provide content brief recommendations, and track performance, helping marketers optimize their strategies and drive results.

Contact People

Contact People designs online search tools to enhance user experiences and increase user satisfaction. Their use of AI exemplifies how it can revolutionize the way we browse and consume information online.


InfiHire uses AI to streamline talent acquisition process. The technology helps to automate the hiring needs making the recruitment process simple, time-efficient and more successful.

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LilChirp leverages Voice AI and NLP to scale outbound phone calling. By creating smarter communication solutions, the company aims to modernize outbound phone marketing.

The Indian Deepfaker (TID)

The Indian Deepfaker is the front-runner of the grown-up synthetic media domain in India. Using Deepfake technology, the company creates highly realistic content, offering intriguing applications in the field of media and entertainment.

Happy Agility

Happy Agility uses AI to decode customer feedback from multiple channels. Their platform helps food brands transform the customer experience and gain indispensable insights to optimize their offerings.

Quasi Ventures Inc.

Quasi Ventures Inc. focuses on utilizing AI in the field of creativity. They operate a Creative AI Marketplace that fosters creativity and creates new possibilities for innovation.


LINESTAR AI leverages domain expertise, a trained workforce, and streamlined processes along with artificial intelligence to deliver exceptional results to its clients.

Project Gurukul

Project Gurukul is an online platform devoted to providing accessible and valuable learning resources in various technologies such as Python, ML, AI, and R programming.

These startups showcase the thriving AI ecosystem in India, demonstrating how the technology is revolutionizing diverse industries. As AI becomes more pervasive, these startups continue to innovate and drive forward the digital transformation of India.

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