Which Indian Data Integration Startups Are Shaping the Tech Industry?

The landscape of startups in India has seen an unprecedented growth in the last few years. With technology becoming enmeshed in everyday life, the need for sophisticated data integration startups has heightened. These companies not only help businesses make sense of huge volumes of data in real time, but also assist other startups and established businesses in streamlining their operations. This article puts the spotlight on fifteen promising data integration startups from India whose innovative solutions are sure to pique your interest.

Companies in the data integration realm typically provide solutions for data extraction, transition, loading, transformation, and management across various platforms and systems, tailored for businesses of all sizes. By using their services, businesses are better equipped to understand patterns within their data and make effective, informed business decisions. These Indian startups are breaking barriers and scales, adeptly handling the challenges that come with tackling vast and diverse volumes of data.

Allow us to take you through a tour of the fascinating world of data integration, where we introduce you to the data integration powerhouses of India. All links provided will lead you directly to the company websites, making it easier for you to explore further.


Kofluence operates in the data-driven influencer marketing, social listening, workflow management and reporting industry. They are situated in the heart of India, demonstrating an innovative application of data integration beyond traditional business operations management.

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An exponent in the AI/ML, analytics and data science industry, FutureAnalytica is a no-code platform that holds a lot of promise. They operate out of India and their cutting-edge solutions are sought by businesses across the globe.

Cumulative Data

Cumulative Data offers platforms that aid in building data pipelines across various platforms, simplifying the often complex procedures involved in data integration.

ByteIQ Analytics

ByteIQ Analytics is an Indian startup that provides strategies to transform and innovate businesses using data. With their solutions, businesses will find it easier to make data-driven decisions.


Specialising in Excel VBA, Excel Training, VBA Automation, Power BI Dashboards, Excel Dashboards, MDATA FINNOVATICS combines these specialties to aid their clients in understanding, processing and leveraging data.


DATACLUSTR pioneers in providing Business Platforms, SaaS, Cloud solutions. They are empowering businesses big and small to lean into digitalisation.

Boxwalk Solutions

With a specialization in salesforce consulting, digital transformation, business intelligence, data integration and migration services, Boxwalk Solutions is making a mark in the data integration industry.

Sapien Systems

Focused on creating an impact in people’s lives, Sapien Systems connects changemakers and enriches lives, all while processing and handling data efficiently.


Lensnure is a passionate data extraction company, that simplifies the process of extracting and managing data while adding value to their clients’ businesses.

Kayman Vaults

Offering records management services, Kayman Vaults ensures that businesses have their essential data safely stored and managed, in accordance with data protection regulations.

PMEntire Solutions

Apart of the SAVIOM Group, PMEntire Solutions provides a platform for professional services management, from bid to bill, utilising data to streamline processes.

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Stylsa is a mobile app that integrates appointment scheduling, marketing, and customer engagement tools, adding a new dimension to the concept of data integration.

Elephanta AI

Elephanta AI is a leader in deploying ready-to-use enterprise AI solutions for data-driven organizations. They are helping to bridge the gap between AI and practical, real-world applications.

Gokyo Labs

Offering online data analysis platforms for data-related problems, Gokyo Labs ensures businesses can gain actionable insights from their data without the usual struggles and hassles.

Expressonic Global Solutions

Last but not least, Expressonic Global Solutions is a software company that offers the innovative KraftABot for data processing and augmentation tasks, assuring businesses have their data in a format that is usable, manageable and effective.

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