Who Are India’s Most Influential E-Commerce Startups in 2023?

India, with a burgeoning digital economy and exponential growth of internet users, has seen significant growth in the e-commerce sector. A large number of start-ups have emerged, innovating and integrating technology to provide consumer-centric business models. This article explores an assortment of 15 interesting e-commerce start-ups, exploring their unique value propositions, operating models, and the value they create for their customers.

From sneaker reselling to an AI-driven graphic design marketplace, these start-ups encapsulate the diverse nature of the Indian e-commerce ecosystem. They represent a new wave of entrepreneurship that leverages technology, analytics, and customer experience to deliver competitive services. These companies are transforming how consumers shop and businesses operate in the world’s fastest growing major economy—India.

Without further ado, let’s delve into these start-ups and their offerings.

Find Your Kicks India

Find Your Kicks India is an e-commerce start-up making a mark in the sneaker and streetwear reselling marketplace in India. Fashion-forward individuals can get their hands on limited edition sneakers and urban streetwear trends.


SHOPYLL, hailing from the scenic valleys of Kashmir, aims to deliver high-quality products all over India ensuring full customer satisfaction. Offering a vast array of products, SHOPYLL is meeting local demand and helping consumers find products to suit their needs.


Fydo is revolutionising India’s hyperlocal discovery and e-commerce scene. By bringing local businesses online, Fydo is reshaping the way consumers interact with local businesses, directly impacting the grassroots economy.

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Styched is a direct-to-consumer youth fashion brand offering limitless styles at affordable rates. The rapidly-growing fashion ecommerce platform has positioned itself favourably among India’s youth.

Konnectbox – B2B Marketplace

Konnectbox is a growing B2B shopping platform catering to retailers, resellers, and store owners. It’s helping build stronger business relationships for India’s retail ecosystem.


Blend is an AI-driven graphic design and marketing app that assists sellers to stand out and sell more products online. Using artificial intelligence, Blend is injecting a much-needed edge for businesses in the crowded online space.

Wiser AI

Wiser AI gives Shopify stores a boost with its product recommendation engine, leveraging artificial intelligence to increase order value and sales.


Twinleaves has not only simplified online grocery shopping, but also provides immediate deliverability for the time-pressed Indian consumer.

How To Buy SAAS – The Online Marketplace For Softwares

How to Buy SAAS marketplace is a one-stop platform for businesses to find and procure SAAS solutions that best fit their needs.


PostCard is a regional Indian snacks brand catering to local taste delicacies online.


Wowfas offers an extensive collection of dresses online, catering to different tastes and preferences.


MomsKart is a heart-warming initiative that allows Indian mothers to sell their homemade delicacies online.


Zotezo allows you to discover the best of health, beauty, & fitness products, and compare prices to shop on the platform of your choice.

Tugero Pets

Tugero Pets offers a plethora of pet products and services, making it easier for pet parents to keep their furry friends happy.

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Pelican Essentials

Pelican Essentials is an online-only company offering home essentials right at your doorstep.

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