Which Indian Online Portal Startups Are Revolutionising The Business Landscape?

India is rapidly becoming a hub for startups, especially in the online portal sector. An online portal is a specially designed website that brings information together from diverse sources in a uniform way. From jobs to tutors, from products to services, the options are expanding every day. Startups are using technology to revolutionize the way users access services and goods. Here is a list of seventeen online startups from India that show great promise and agility in tackling the challenges and opportunities of the digital age.

These startups provide a diverse range of services, from connecting tutors and students, offering one-stop car solutions, providing real estate search options, online puja and meditation platform, and even a network for metal suppliers globally. Apart from this, online portals are also making it easier to find jobs, buy or rent two-wheelers, and purchase quality matcha tea online.

So, let’s delve deeper into these innovative startups from India and learn more about what they offer:

Camp K12

Camp K12 is an online platform that offers live, social, and multiplayer learning courses. This dynamic and interactive platform has made education fun and exciting for students, demonstrating how digital technology can enhance learning.


The digital platform DriveX helps users buy or rent pre-loved two-wheelers with quality checks and hassle-free documentation, adding value to the second-hand vehicle market in India.

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OhLocal connects local buyers and sellers in real-time using its AI-enabled smart bidding platform, paving the way for efficient and transparent local trade.


With Metalbook, a global network of metal suppliers and customers are connected through its full-stack digital supply chain technology. It’s providing a much-needed innovation in the metal industry.

Timbukdo Technologies

Timbukdo is an on-demand talent platform promoting an alternative workforce. This innovative approach provides a platform for talent that is often underserved or overlooked.


Providing fintech services, SoulPay is revolutionizing digital banking and money transfer services in India, optimizing convenience and user experience.

Jass Naukri

Jass Naukri is helping Indians find and connect with potential employers. Their portal is a robust platform for job seekers and posting vacancies.

Give Universe

Give Universe is an online crowdfunding platform supporting charities worldwide. It’s providing a global platform for people to donate to causes they believe in.

Litigator Network

Litigator Network is a unique platform that caters to advocates and law professionals by providing news and networking opportunities.


Skillinabox offers hands-on learning training kits to help develop cognitive skills in children, providing a foundation for future learning and growth with its innovative products.


Top Car Service provides a comprehensive multi-brand car service solution under one roof, making car care more convenient for vehicle owners.

Jass Properties

Jass Properties is a real estate search portal that allows customers to search for housing based on their geography and desire, making home hunt easier and faster.

My Desi Roots

My Desi Roots offers online puja, meditation services, and puja items, bringing spiritual services to the fingertips of devotees.

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Evopry is an online education platform that connects teachers and students for 1-on-1 online lessons. Its aim is to make personalized learning accessible and easy for everyone.

Matcha Tea Company

Finishing off our list is the Matcha Tea Company. Providing a wide range of superior grade matcha tea with deep colour, this company is making health and wellness more enjoyable with its quality products.

In conclusion, these innovative startups are changing the landscape of the online portal sector in India. In a country that’s increasingly digital, these startups are stepping up to the challenge of the digital age by using technology to change the way we access and use a variety of services.

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