Which Indian Trading Platform Startups are Shaping the Market in 2023?

India has seen a tremendous rise in fintech startups over the last decade, with trading platforms being one of the leading sectors. The surge in the number of these platforms is an echo of the rapid increase in interest that individuals have taken towards trading and investments. The Top 15 Indian startups are making significant waves within the trading platform industry with innovative and user-friendly solutions. It’s a testimony of how technology is reshaping the way we used to trade.

The startups in focus are not just accelerating financial inclusion but are also broadening its scope by redefining trading in its own unique ways and creating investment opportunities for everyone. They manage to blend finance with technology to provide users with an efficient and hassle-free trading experience.

From social investing to crypto trading and educational platforms, let’s have a look at some of the most intriguing Trading Platform startups that are changing the Indian trading landscape:


Headquartered in Bengaluru, StockGro is a social investment startup. Designed to take social investing to a whole new level, this platform navigates a unique path in the trading platform industry. By fusing social networking with investing, it provides a comprehensive solution for users keen to broaden their understanding in the trading ecosystem.


Marketfeed is a trading platform that goes beyond simply buying and selling. Its primary aim is to educate users on how to trade stocks. It champions a simplified, user-friendly design on its app that makes chart and data interpretation more straightforward, making stock trading more approachable for beginners.

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Investmint is a signal-based trading and investing platform. Its objective is not only to help users trade, but also to guide them towards making the right decisions with insightful and accurate trading signals. A must for novice traders, this startup makes signaling and trading seamless.


Conceptualised as a gaming application, Craze allows users to trade real-world events like stocks. It successfully transforms an otherwise complex trading world into a fun and engaging game, making it an exciting entry into the industry.

Ment Tech

Ment Tech is a global leader in providing blockchain product and services. It’s one of the trading platforms in India that’s playing a pivotal role defining the future of blockchain technology.


Mantra-Fi specializes in crypto basket investment. It provides users an opportunity to diversify their investments in different types of cryptocurrencies.

VOC Automotive

VOC Automotive is a platform that facilitates trading services for two-wheelers. It provides an innovative trading platform option in an otherwise conventional industry.


Bookvala takes an innovative and revolutionary step by offering Blockchain support for books trading. An evolution of conventional book trading that ensures authenticity and copyrights protection.


Trinkerr is a Social Trading Platform in India that enables users to copy or get influenced by other successful traders. A valuable platform for novice traders who are looking to learn trade strategies.


TRDR is an automated robo-investing platform for retail investors. It leverages machine learning to make smart investment decisions for its users.


Dhan is an investment platform that offers quick investing and trading in securities for super traders and long-term investors. A platform that caters to both demographics of traders, from quick gainers to long-term investments.

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Jass Waves

Jass Waves is a principal stock trading firm that is becoming one of the most trustworthy trading platforms in India. It specializes in offering personalized trading solutions to cater to individual trading needs.


Tradr is India’s prominent stock market training and trading institute. This platform offers a blend of practical and theoretical knowledge. A perfect platform for someone looking forward to starting their trading journey.


Looking forward to starting your journey in alternative investments? InAltGo is your answer. The platform aims to build India’s first and largest wealthtech marketplace focusing on alternative assets.


Triunits is a cryptocurrency exchange platform. This innovative startup enables users to buy, sell and exchange various cryptocurrencies within the same platform, helping users step into the world of crypto trading.

These startups have revolutionized trading platforms not just with their unique perspectives, but with their focus on user experience and accessibility. Each one is a testament to the innovation and potential in the Indian startup domain, particularly within the trading platform sector.

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