Who Are India’s Most Influential Telecommunications Startups in 2023?

The Indian telecommunications industry is undergoing a seismic shift. As digital technology rapidly changes the landscape, startups in this sector continue to innovate and push the boundaries. In this article, we take a closer look at the top 15 telecommunications startups and companies from India that are shaping the future of this industry with their unique offerings.

From cloud-based telecommunication systems, virtual phone numbers, to IT consulting services, these companies show incredible potential and illustrate the exciting growth and change currently underway in India’s telecommunications sector. Let’s take a trip through the varied landscape of these startups: how they’re disrupting traditional telecoms, reshaping customer experience, and driving the digital transformation.

Please note this list is in no particular order, and every company mentioned is contributing significantly to India’s telecom industry in its unique way.


Doosra, derived from the Hindi word for ‘second’, provides a SIM-free virtual mobile number. These numbers provide a safeguard for users who prefer not to give out their primary numbers. Operating in the telecommunications industry, Doosra aims to protect individual privacy.

Niral Networks

Niral Networks offer a comprehensive cloud-native 5G Edge networking platform for Enterprises. With its India operations, Niral Networks is making strides in the rapidly growing telecommunications industry.


As a virtual space company, Reslash operates in the telecommunications industry. They aim to make the digital world more sociable and less isolated.

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Reliance Projects & Property Management Services Limited

Reliance Projects & Property Management Services Limited offer diverse telecommunication services. As part of the Reliance Industries conglomerate, this branch specializes in telecoms and digital solutions.


Vibtree is an omni-channel cloud communication software provider. They help enterprises “Communicate on Cloud” by automating their calls and messages, streamlining business communications and customer engagement.

i-Qode Digital Solutions

i-Qode Digital Solutions is an IT Consulting Services, Talent & Product Solutions company. Their areas of specialization include telecommunication solutions and software development.


Operating in the telecommunications field, BlackLabApp helps businesses manage their phone call operations, making communications smoother and more efficient.

Metronet Supply

Metronet Supply provides telecommunication services for internet companies, essentially acting as a crucial link in the chain of internet services.

Trunkcalls Teleservices

Trunkcalls Teleservices is a multi-faceted organization offering solutions in digital marketing, cloud services, and web development, alongside its core telecom services.


Salesquared offers Sales CRM, IVR services, Drip Marketing services, and more. They occupy a unique market niche in India’s telecommunications industry.

Tele logix communication Services

Tele logix communication Services is a telecom company providing installation, maintenance, and network expansion services, an essential part of any telecommunications infrastructure.

Cloudran Communications

Cloud services provider, Cloudran Communications, caters to the growing demand for cloud services within the information technology and telecommunications industries.

Kosciusko Connect

Kosciusko Connect offers internet services for both residential and commercial sectors, providing important telecommunications infrastructure across India.

Alias Networks

Alias Networks provides comprehensive services, including network design, telecommunication and IT consulting, supporting businesses in their digital transformation journey.

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DTRI focuses on skill development, resources and opportunities. They aim to bridge the gap between academia and industry for professionals and students in the telecom field, thus helping to shape the industry’s future.

In conclusion, India’s telecommunications industry is teeming with innovative startups that are changing the game. Keep an eye on these 15 top players as they continue to shape and redefine the telecommunications industry in India and beyond.

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