Which Indonesian Internet Startups are Reshaping the Tech Industry Landscape?

The digital revolution has transformed Indonesia into an attractive hotspot for internet startups. Its vibrant startup ecosystem, featuring an exciting mix of innovators and disruptors, is poised for exponential growth and impact. This article takes a snapshot of some of the most intriguing Indonesian internet companies making waves in the digital ocean.

From blockchain projects to delivery platforms, dating sites and AI-powered technology, Indonesia’s internet startups stand tall in the face of diversity. They showcase remarkable ingenuity and industry differentiation, hallmarks of a burgeoning digital landscape that hosts over 170 million internet users.

Here, we spotlight 15 of these trailblazing companies, shedding light on their stories and missions with the aim to inspire and educate our readers about this dynamic sector.


Based in Indonesia, Belitong Info is committed to delivering the latest news about Belitung and other trending topics. In an age of digital journalism, this internet startup stands out by focusing on local content. It endeavors to keep its readers informed in real-time, in the true spirit of digital democracy.


EktaChain is an ambitious Layer 1 blockchain project that aims to bridge the physical world with Web3. In this era of digitalization, this Internet startup utilizes decentralized technology to bring the power of the internet to everyone.


Indonesia’s online food delivery market is thriving and startup Bakool is right in the mix of the action. Facilitating food-delivery through their user-friendly application, Bakool is making a delicious difference by catering to the convenience of their customers.

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KiriminAja offers an effective solution to package delivery. The platform enables users to send packages, find expeditions, and manage orders with Cash on Delivery (COD) and non-COD services. Through a seamless process, KiriminAja is simplifying the logistics processes for its users.


MauCariApa stands as a beacon for tech enthusiasts in Indonesia. Serving as a tech blog that offers news, reviews, tutorials, and opinions, MauCariApa is driven by its mission to discuss and promote the web and the open source circle.


Alofa is a unique dating site dedicated to helping users find their soulmate. They provide a safe and welcoming space for individuals to form meaningful connections. Alofa’s approach to online dating is centered around compatibility and shared values.


As an e-commerce website, Moutar is making its mark in Indonesia’s online retail industry. Moutar simplifies the online shopping experience and provides a broad category of products to choose from.


TokoRumahan embraces the concept of a digital marketplace selling home goods, local goods, and brands. This Internet startup simplifies the process of shopping and selling from home, reflecting a modern approach to commerce.


Xerpihan is an AI tech startup committed to correcting writing errors in both Bahasa Indonesia and English. Utilizing AI-powered technology, Xerpihan enhances the quality of written communication, ensuring error-free content.

Kerja Lepas

Kerja Lepas is an essential resource for freelancers to find jobs and tips to earn a higher income globally. As more professionals turn towards freelance work, Kerja Lepas provides valuable support and opportunities.


Seahart is revamping the concept of traditional social media with its post-social media app. The startup is determined to improve the status quo, paving the way for having a more positive and meaningful social media experience.

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Tupai Technology

Tupai Tech, an IT consultant, is dynamically addressing the challenges of the rapidly evolving digital era. The company offers a diverse range of services to help individuals and organizations overcome their IT challenges.


Ledifha offers the most comprehensive developer assessment software. It assists organizations in accurately measuring their developers’ skills, promoting efficiency, growth, and resource optimization.


As a go-to source for the latest technology and gadget news in Indonesia, Gadgetized.com ensures tech enthusiasts stay informed about recent developments and trends in the tech sphere.

IGE (Indonesia Green Energy)

Indonesia Green Energy (IGE) stands out as the first renewable energy donation platform in Indonesia. This pioneering initiative underscores how startups can make substantial contributions toward environmental sustainability, ushering in a significant shift away from traditional energy forms.

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