Which Indonesian Software Startups are Shaping the Tech Landscape in 2023?

Indonesia is emerging as a hotbed for innovative software startups that are transforming various industry sectors with their unique solutions. From cyber security to sports, pharmacy, and more, these ventures are leveraging cutting-edge technologies to drive efficiency, user engagement, and business growth. Here’s a look at 15 such promising software companies from Indonesia that you should keep tabs on.

Indonesia’s bustling startup ecosystem is not just about e-commerce or fintech. It also offers a rich ground for software companies to flourish and innovate. These companies are built on the premises of solving pain points across various sectors, bringing in digitization, efficiency, and scaling opportunities.

This roundup introduces you to 15 of these intriguing Indonesian software startups across industries, describing who they are and what they do. So, without further ado, dive in and discover these home-grown heroes.


DAVID GROUP was formed as a preventive solution to the urgency of global cyberattacks. Based in Indonesia, the company operates in the software industry and provides comprehensive cybersecurity solutions to protect businesses from crippling cyber threats.

2. Gelora

Gelora is a nifty software solution that empowers sports facilities to provide online booking services. This Indonesian startup is sowing the seeds of digital transformation in the sports industry.


MAPID brings location insight to everyone. This Indonesian software company is revolutionizing location tracking and related services.

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4. Nectico

Nectico offers an ERP solution and a B2B marketplace for cooperative ecosystems. Positioned in Indonesia’s software industry, this startup is streamlining operations and collaboration for cooperatives.

5. Tappp

The Tappp Smart Business Card is revolutionizing the way people network and connect. This unique product from the Indonesian software startup provides a modern twist to traditional business cards.

6. Farmacare

Farmacare brings a cloud-based pharmacy business management solution. With this software, this Indonesian startup is redefining how pharmacies operate and manage their businesses.

7. Qara’a

Qara’a leverages artificial intelligence to assist in Quran learning. This innovative concept from an Indonesian software startup is making Quran education more accessible and efficient.

8. JustApp

JustApp is a mobile app builder platform based in Indonesia. This software startup is empowering businesses with the tools needed to design and launch their mobile applications effeciently.

9. Salesloo

Salesloo is a Membership & Affiliate Platform from Indonesia. It’s software solutions are designed to help businesses manage members and affiliate programs effectively.

10. Widya Wicara

Widya Wicara is an IT firm from Indonesia that offers artificial intelligence, software, and automation solutions for speech and writing. This innovative startup is transforming the AI landscape with its creative technologies.

11. Kulkul Technology

Kulkul Technology is a boutique software firm from Indonesia that builds software tailored to your business and team. Their unique approach carves a path for businesses to achieve more operational efficiency and automation.

12. DigiMosque

DigiMosque is an IoT-based smart mosque automation system that’s connected with its Muslim mobile apps. This Indonesian software startup is bringing modern technologies into religious spaces, creating a seamless faith practice for Muslims.

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13. POSbill

POSBill provides Point of Sales Apps for Small, Medium, and Enterprise businesses. This Indonesian software company is streamlining transactions and inventory management across sectors.

14. Pets.ID

Pets.ID provides complete Pet Identification software. This Indonesian company is ensuring pet safety and tracking with its comprehensive software services.

15. Cloudku

Cloudku is an IT service provider of cloud services, web hosting, VPS and backup, cybersecurity, and web development services. This Indonesian software startup is a one-stop solution for all IT-related needs for businesses of various sizes.

Indonesia’s software startup ecosystem is vast and ever-growing, with businesses like these leading the way. Their disruptive services and products are the harbingers of a digital revolution that’s set to take the world by storm.

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