Which Israeli Cybersecurity Startups are Dominating the 2023 Innovation Scene?

Israel, known as the ‘start-up nation’, has seen massive growth in the tech industry, with a special focus on Cyber Security. With the growing threat of cyber-attacks worldwide, innovative solutions have become more essential. This article presents 15 cutting-edge Cyber Security startups originating from Israel that have made significant strides in tackling this global crisis.

These companies have been either born or reborn amidst the digital transformation, each designed to offer unique solutions in cyber defense. Some spearhead the AI development in cybersecurity, while others focus on managing and protecting cloud systems from threats, providing security and privacy solutions, and assisting companies to manage their external attack surface. The following are notable Cyber Security companies that have appeared on the Israeli tech scene.

All these companies show how Israel is leading in cyber innovation, living up to its moniker as the cyber nation. Here are detailed profiles of each startup:


AccSenSe is a Cyber Security startup that possesses a platform to manage and safeguard cloud Identity and access management systems against cyber-attacks and human errors. Their unique approach adds a layer of protection that is crucial in today’s highly digital environment, where cloud systems are at risk.

Salvador Technologies

With its patented air-gap technology, Salvador Technologies facilitates swift recovery after cyber-attacks for ICS & OT environments. This company offers indispensable solutions in an increasingly vulnerable digital world.

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Beyond (Israel)

Beyond is a novel cyber-security company fostering unique solutions for the industry. Though it doesn’t have an official online presence yet, it’s worth keeping an eye on this company to see how it revolutionizes the cybersecurity space.


Helping firms to efficiently manage their external attack surface is the primary focus of Ovalsec. By proactively identifying cyber threats, this company helps businesses secure their digital landscapes.

Dream Security

Dream Security is a software company that proffers critical infrastructure solutions. These robust measures help guarantee the protection of key assets against cyber threats.

Pandora Security

Working beyond the corporate perimeter, Pandora Security is a SaaS Security posture management platform constructed to safeguard top executive teams. This platform ensures that strategic leadership is not left vulnerable to cyber-attacks.


TerraZone provides cybersecurity and privacy solutions, which are more important than ever amid increasing digital surveillance and cybercrime.


Regulait radically streamlines the security and compliance landscape across procedures, data, accounts, and user identities, covering every aspect of business operation and securing it against potential threats.


Proficient in AI, architecture, cloud computing, and cyber security services, Tupaia provides a comprehensive suite of defenses against potential digital threats.


TrustPeers provides an on-demand platform that innovates the incident response market and empowers companies to better mitigate cyber incidents.


Cybernite’s personal security platform ensures that individuals also have access to robust cyber defenses, not merely large organizations.

Security Joes

Security Joes develops incident response tools that help solve complex cyber-attacks. Their solutions are constructed to respond swiftly and efficiently to a variety of threats.

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Privatise offers one-click network security for distributed & remote work and requires no hardware or firewall setup. By streamlining the process, remote workers can easily secure their network against potential threats.


Cybowall specializes in cybersecurity, breach detection, AI, endpoint protection, and cloud management services. This umbrella approach allows it to cover various aspects of digital security and build a more secure digital landscape for businesses.


Amplicy is a market leader and a technology innovator in the field of global attack surface and vulnerability management. By offering measures to identify potential vulnerabilities, they allow businesses to secure their digital environments more effectively.

Together, these 15 Israeli Cyber Security startups have made it their mission to shield the digital world from increasingly sophisticated cyber threats. From managing cloud systems and external attack surfaces to providing critical infrastructure solutions, these firms are ushering in a new era in cyber defense.

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