Which Robotics Startups are Revolutionizing Japan’s Tech Industry in 2023?

Japan is known as a powerhouse in the field of robotics. With many world-leading robotics companies originating from here, there are a number of innovative and exciting startups also rising up the ranks. These companies are using robotics and artificial intelligence to reshape industries, from healthcare to agriculture, logistics to water mobility. Let’s explore some of the upcoming robotics companies in Japan that are making strides in their respective fields.

Through their innovative technologies and solutions, these startups are paving the way for a future where robots are commonplace in our daily lives. Be it for business transformation or new product development, these firms use robotic technology as a key player to solve problems and enhance services. They take tasks that are dangerous or tedious for humans and turn them into automated processes, ensuring safety and efficiency.

Let’s delve into these exciting startups and learn about the excellent work they’re doing in their respective fields. From manufacturers of industrial robots to designers of autonomous water navigation systems, these startups are at the tech industry’s cutting edge in Japan.

KiQ Robotics

KiQ Robotics is a Japanese manufacturer of industrial robots. Working to provide automation solutions for industries, KiQ Robotics is revolutionising the way various businesses operate.


Offering highly customizable hybrid autonomous mobile robots for the logistics market, LexxPluss is a game-changer in its field. Through robotics, they’re working to transform the logistics industry in Japan.

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Eight Knot

Eight Knot is enhancing water mobility by designing and developing autonomous navigation systems powered by robotics and AI. This startup is showcasing the immense potential of combining robotics with watercrafts.


DONKEY is a manufacturer of robots designed to help with agricultural tasks. With their solutions, farming work can be conducted more efficiently and safely.

Kisui Tech

Another startup in the agricultural field is Kisui Tech. By utilizing AI and robotics, they aid farmers in improving productivity and reducing wearisome tasks.

Emi Lab

Emi Lab is an innovator in the manufacturing and selling of custom-made drones and robots. Their creations feature the integration of robotics, further progressing Japan’s applied sciences field.


F.MED is a manufacturing company specializing in robotic microsurgical devices for the healthcare industry. These robotic devices are helping to transform the medical field, making surgeries safer and more precise.

IRIS Robotics

At IRIS Robotics, they are focused on sales of corporate robots, business transformation consulting, and new product development of robot services. They provide businesses with relevant robotic solutions to meet their individual needs.

Fainzy Technologies

Fainzy Technologies is an IT company that specializes in AI technologies, robotics, and consumer behavior analytics services. Their services aim to empower businesses in decision-making, market analysis, and improving customer experiences through the power of AI and robotics.

Octa Robotics

Octa Robotics develops service robots to standardize business tech and operations and offers prototypes and components. Their robotics work towards improving efficiency and accuracy in business operations.

Robot Application Japan

Robot Application Japan provides system integration consulting and sales support for robot applications. They strive to enhance the adoption of robot technology in business operations.

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Robofull is a company focused on designing and selling automation equipment for factories. Their innovative solutions help tackle labor shortages and improve production efficiency in industries.


LiveYourDreams is a unique startup that offers video media, robotics workshops, and AI technology services. Through their efforts, they’re helping to drive the advancement of robotics and AI in Japan.


Locobot is a tech company offering services in robotics, business development, and product development. Their diverse services make them a key player in Japan’s robotic scene.

Somic Transformation

No website is available for Somic Transformation, but it’s worth noting that they’ve been offering a unique service – work-support robot rentals for the construction and civil engineering sectors. This approach recognizes the potential of robotics not just in manufacturing, but also in fields that require heavy manual labor.

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