Top Influential PR Startups Transforming Japan’s Communications Industry: Who Are They?

Japan, recognized for its distinctive culture and technology, has a burgeoning startup ecosystem enriched by a vibrant array of Public Relations firms. These companies are paving the way for innovative methods of communication, constantly redefining the realm of Public Relations through unique services and pioneering approaches. From digital content creation to strategic PR planning and AI-technology-enabled marketing, these startups are leaving a profound impact on various industries spread across the globe. Whether you’re looking for PR assistance, seeking employment, or simply exploring remarkable startups, this showcase of Japanese PR companies offers valuable insights.

Consisting of a broad range of businesses, like communication planning firms, digital media agencies, sustainable digital marketing companies, and more, the Japanese PR sector offers a varied selection to cater to diverse needs. Harnessing the potential of advanced technology, many of these firms also dabble in the creation and development of AI-powered tools, online training, business consulting, and more. The passion and commitment these companies exhibit towards redefining PR are truly inspiring.

Let’s delve into the captivating world of these 15 Japanese PR startups, celebrating their uniqueness while appreciating the common thread of innovation connecting them all.


qwer – This designing company specializes in communication planning, PR planning, production, and entertainment content development. Opting for a creative and innovative approach, qwer strives to add value to every project they undertake.


VOUTIQUE – This company merges the worlds of media, publishing, and public relations, supporting their clients with an integrated suite of services. With a strong dedication to quality, VOUTIQUE is redefining the way people view PR.

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Gokko Club

Gokko Club – Specializing in digital content creation, short drama production, video production and public relations services, Gokko Club offers a fresh take on the digital age’s PR scenario.

PRAP node

PRAP node – PRAP node provides an array of public relations and marketing services, ensuring a comprehensive and strategic solution for its clients.


Animefund offers a unique combination of crowdfunding development, operation, PR, and consulting services, leading the way in multiple industries.


Tiewa– A creative agency specializing in PR planning, Tiewa also delves into advertisement production, app development, and more, ensuring a wholesome creative experience.

Tailor App

Tailor App– This dynamic startup excels as a digital and live marketing agency, providing a range of tailored services to keep up with the digital age’s PR demands.

Adopted Monster

Adopted Monster– Offering a multitude of services including public relations, recruiting, and business consulting, Adopted Monster supports its clients’ requirements in multiple areas.

OKPR Japan

OKPR Japan provides comprehensive public relations services that are strategically designed and implemented, delivering satisfactory results for its clients.

Going Plus

Going Plus – A multi-disciplinary brand dealing in apparel brand, event production, and PR business, Going Plus vastly expands the definition of a traditional PR firm.


WLAZZ provides social media marketing and advertising services, illustrating the importance and impact of social media in the realm of Public Relations.


Djuggernaut – An IT consulting firm that equips its clients with website production, public relations, and business development services, Djuggernaut is a one-stop-destination for many businesses.


Recmedia – An HRTech company specializing in online recruitment, public relations, and online training, Recmedia merges technology and expertise to yield unmatched results.

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Yelltron– Implementing sustainable digital marketing strategies that revolve around community-centered currency, Yelltron addresses numerous social issues while offering quality PR services.


KISEISHA – A company that extends its services to AI technology, data analysis, digital marketing, and PR, KISEISHA is truly at the cutting edge of the public relations industry in Japan and beyond.

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