Which U.S GreenTech Startups Are Influencing Sustainable Innovation in 2023?

As our world becomes more conscious of the ecological challenges that we face, green technology (GreenTech) is coming to the forefront as a high priority industry on a global scale. Entrepreneurs, innovators, and businesses are recognizing that technology can be the key to a more sustainable future. In the heart and hub of innovation, the United States, several new and exciting GreenTech startups have emerged, ready to tackle our environmental problems head-on. From energy solutions to carbon sequestration, here are 15 GreenTech startups and companies in the United States that you need to know and watch out in the industry.

Adden Energy

Adden Energy is a distinguished name in the industry known for its contribution to energy solutions. They have made a name for themselves as developers of stable, lithium-metal, solid-state batteries. Their innovative approach toward sustainable energy puts them at the forefront of GreenTech.


FYTO is dedicated to producing high-quality crops using fewer resources. This environmental conscious initiative has led to the development of unique systems that incorporate technology to support sustainable farming practices.


Wattch provides a scalable energy data analytics platform tailored for the renewable energy industry. Their software development prowess brings seamless integration between technology and renewable resources.

Climate Club

Climate Club centers its focus on carbon reduction through employee education, engagement, and activation. Their platform takes a unique approach to tackling climate change from the inside out.

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Whisper Aero

Whisper Aero is harnessing the power of air to create energy more cleanly, efficiently, and quietly than ever before.

Green Project Technologies

Green Project Technologies simplifies tracking and reducing emissions for private equity firms, law firms, and suppliers through automation.


Enerex makes buying and selling in competitive energy markets simpler. They use B2B SaaS solutions alongside a marketplace platform to streamline the process.


Osmoses is on a mission to eliminate one gigaton of carbon emissions per year by decarbonizing gas separations. Their distinctive approach sets them apart in the GreenTech industry.


Terraseed provides vegan sustainably sourced supplements in fully biodegradable pill bottles, suggesting an eco-friendly approach to health and wellness.


Thiozen is developing novel hydrogen gas production technology designed to combat greenhouse gases in innovative ways.


Incentivize is a Green Tech, SaaS, and FinTech startup making a mark in the GreenTech industry.

Narya Electric

Narya Electric makes it easy for residential areas to install Electric Vehicle Charging. This aids electric vehicle drivers in charging their cars conveniently while promoting sustainable transportation.

Enchant Energy

Enchant Energy commits in investing in environmental technology to capture carbon dioxide for sequestration and electricity production.


HempNFibers is committed to the GreenTech industry through its role in transport and agriculture.


Cloudsyte helps businesses stay updated with new sustainability legislation, reduce future business costs, and reach their net-zero goals.

In the pursuit of a cleaner, sustainable future, these startups are taking the lead. By using tech-based solutions to combat environmental challenges, these companies are turning the tide in favor of our planet. Let’s continue rooting for and supporting their endeavors.

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