Which US GPS Startups are Revolutionizing the Navigational Technology Landscape?

The world of global positioning system (GPS) technology is constantly evolving with companies in the United States spearheading the advancement. These innovative GPS startups are not only affecting how we move but also redefining various sectors such as marketing, scheduling, security and transport. In this piece, we’ll explore 15 thrilling GPS companies that are changing the landscape of different industries.

These pioneering entities are stretching the boundaries of GPS tech to offer cutting-edge solutions. From effective workforce management to the interactive local guide for travelers and smart marketing strategies, each company brings an intriguing perspective to GPS tech use. Here’s a glance at their unique offerings.

Each of these startups has something unique to contribute to the GPS industry. So, let’s dive into how they’re expanding the horizon and pushing the boundaries of innovation.


This is an interesting marketplace for mobile apps and web interface. Techsbook focuses on cutting-edge GPS solutions. Visit their website to learn more.

Geospatial Alpha

As an early-stage investor and advisor in geospatial technologies and intelligence, Geospatial Alpha is championing the advancement in the GPS industry.


Timeero offers an ingenious software for GPS time tracking, scheduling and attendance management of employees. Perfect for businesses seeking an efficient workforce management system.

Force by Mojio

Force by Mojio specializes in developing GPS vehicle tracking solutions and management for small businesses. An ideal partner for business vehicle fleet management.

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Premier Infrastructure & Energy

Offering damage prevention, concrete scanning, and pipe inspection services, Premier Infrastructure & Energy leverages GPS technology to boost safety and efficiency in infrastructure and energy sector.

On Demand Tracking

On Demand Tracking supplies and installs GPS tracking systems for a diverse range of applications. They are a one-stop-shop for all your tracking needs.


Float is an app-based platform that provides local travel guide for travelers using GPS technology. It’s a traveler’s best companion.


Designing and deploying campaigns property-by-property, ApartmentGeofencing.com is utilizing GPS technology to transform the world of property marketing.


As a cloud-based location intelligence application developer company, EVCoDriver is pioneering GPS usage in tech development.


DoorPath is an internet-based GPS company offering navigation-to-door services. It redefines how we move.


A telecommunication firm that offers a range of tech products including mobile devices, tablets, hotspots, routers, and security cameras, Mobilfy is enhancing communication and security through GPS technology.

Ares Security

Boosting business security, Ares Security provides GPS perimeter patrol scans and daily reports for businesses. It’s an excellent partner for enhancing business security.


BICYCLUE is tackling the bike theft epidemic through a high-end bike GPS tracking device and an all-purpose bike app for protection.


Delivering PNT info from terrestrial resources at GPS-level accuracy or better, MerlinTPS is a name you can trust for precision and accuracy.

Sentry Global

Sentry Global implements technology while offering asset protection services in the form of tracking, geo-fencing, and immobilisation, pioneering the use of GPS in asset protection.

From simplifying navigation to magnifying business efficiency and security, these GPS technology startups are undoubtedly leading the way in the industry. It will be fascinating to track their progress as they continue to innovate and redefine the applications of GPS tech.

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