Which UAE Cryptocurrency Startups are Influencing the Global Blockchain Industry?

The United Arab Emirates, with its strategic location and open economy, is a haven for startups. It provides a conducive environment for businesses to thrive, especially in the field of cryptocurrency. A plethora of startups are sprouting up in the industry, all with unique proposals and revolutionary solutions. Let’s take a tour of fifteen such cryptocurrency startups guaranteed to pique your interest.

From carving niches in game industry, driving apps, to legal cryptocurrency transactions and creating decentralized platforms, these companies are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the cryptocurrency world. These companies are a showcase of how the Emirates is embracing decentralized finance and establishing a solid foothold in the blockchain technology scene.

Here are the 15 startups leading the charge in the UAE’s cryptocurrency ecosystem:

Attarius Network

Atarius Network (https://attarius.com/) is the first and only all-in-one NFT ecosystem for the game industry. The platform unities NFTs, Blockchain, and GameFi to provide an unparalleled gaming experience.


Moovy (https://moovy.io) provides a Drive2Earn App & Metaverse which offers a unique blend of real-world experiences with digital assets.


OxeMETA (https://www.oxemeta.io/) is a blockchain-based ecosystem that bridges the gap between and Meta physical world.


PSPBox (https://pspbox.com) is a global network of Payment Service Providers specialising in blockchain technology.

TNC Coin

TNC Coin (https://tnccoin.com) is a blockchain for a decentralized community aimed at promoting wider cryptocurrency adoption.

JetSet Smartplace

JetSet Smartplace (https://jetsetplace.com) enables business aircraft tokenization & trading on blockchain.

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Dealerify (https://dealerify.io/) provides trading, copy trading, and auto trading tools to simplify crypto trading.


aStake (https://astake.io/) provides an infrastructure for automated staking of MetaHash coins, which democratizes the staking process.


dTelecom (https://dtelecom.org) is a decentralized Communications Platform as a Service (Web3 CPaaS).


Sparkles (https://sparklesnft.com/) is an open NFT market on Songbird and the Flare Network for artists and creators.


TRES OTC DMCC (https://tresotc.ae/) enables legal cryptocurrency transactions ensuring peace of mind for its users.


CROSSTECH DMCC (https://cross.technology/) is a SaaS for Blockchain solutions.


MeetsMeta (https://meetsmeta.io) is a social networking metaverse featuring P2E games, luxury real estate, and much more.


HEXXION (http://www.hexxion.com) is a creative-led venture capital firm focusing on ventures related to fashion, music, and nightlife.

Omnisphere DAO

Omnisphere DAO (https://www.omnispheredao.com) enables application deployment on a peer-to-peer grid for computation, storage, and network in a decentralized way.

And so, we have an overview of UAE’s emerging crypto ecosystem. The energy, creativity, and resources being poured into these endeavors reflect the country’s commitment to lead in the blockchain space. Leveraging on creativity and technological advancements, these startups are boldly redefining the future of the cryptocurrency industry. It’s safe to say that the future of cryptocurrency in the UAE seems promising, and incredibly exciting.

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