Who are America’s Top Computer Vision Startups Shaping the Future?

Computer vision is rapidly becoming an integral part of our digital life as the technology develops. It has, in fact, permeated so many industries that we may not always comprehend the profound impact it has on our everyday existence. This technology helps computers and AI to interpret and understand visual information from the real world, effectively bridging the gap between artificial intelligence systems and human comprehension. We bring you a list of emerging Computer Vision startups from the United States, each making significant contributions to the industry in its unique way.

Evolving from a futuristic dream into a present reality, Computer Vision has discovered applications in diverse industries like healthcare, retail, automotive, and many more. These startups are redefining traditional industries, each offering innovative solutions that leverage this technology, which is yet to see its full potential. From real-time video surveillance to creating 3D models, each startup showcases the endless possibilities of computer vision.

Here are our top 15 US-based Computer Vision startups that you need to keep an eye on, tapping into AI to create remarkable products and services that help businesses leverage their assets while making complex tasks simpler for end-users.


The maritime industry has seen a revolution with ShipIn delivering FleetVision, the world’s first visual fleet management. Exploiting the potency of computer vision, this startup has set a hallmark in the maritime field.

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Aiming to augment consumer shopping experiences, Oarbt offers a data-driven design solution for merchants that optimizes conversions with AI personalization and 3D content.

Zillions Inc.

With the power of AI, Zillions Inc. converts real-world visual information into electronic form, facilitating a revolution in a manifold of industries.

Diminished Reality

Diminished Reality creates editable 3D models of interior spaces using everyday videos in less than 5 minutes, enhancing productivity and reducing time consumption drastically.


With advanced artificial intelligence and computer vision technology, Ai.Fish has been changing the digital panorama across sectors with its sophisticated software solutions.


Vape-Jet has introduced the world’s most advanced automatic vape cartridge filling system, harnessing machine vision learning and software.


Finiite offers a SaaS retail software and API, reinforcing the computer vision industry with fresh perspectives.


Offering real-time video surveillance software monitored by AI 24/7, xiris has set a new benchmark in the surveillance industry.

Modicus Prime

Modicus Prime is introducing self-service AI solutions to the Life Sciences industry, taking artificial intelligence and computer vision to new heights.


In the realm of imaging solutions, Ubicept has made a significant contribution by enabling seeing in the dark and other challenging environments.


Specially designed for fashion e-commerce, Selectika is the first recommendation platform, giving the fashion industry a cutting-edge advantage with the power of computer vision.


CredAcc’s small business lending platform aids U.S. banks in accelerating credit to small businesses, making lending more efficient and transparent.

Kyd Labs

Kyd Labs provides artists, promoters, and venues a way to organize their end-to-end live events, opening new scopes for customer engagement.

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Klothed Technologies

Klothed Technologies allows people to see themselves in personalized, photo-realistic images shopping online – making virtual try-on frictionless, accurate, and omnipresent.

Real Goods AI

Using artificial intelligence and visual and non-visual sensors from mobile devices, Real Goods AI offers real-time authentication and grading, setting a high standard in the industry.

These startups are just the tip of the iceberg in showcasing the potential of Computer Vision and AI. Their innovative approaches not only contribute to their respective industries but also pave the way for future technological advancements in computer vision.

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