Which Console Gaming Startups Are Revolutionizing the U.S. Industry in 2023?

For all the console game enthusiasts out there, StartupBubble.news presents an intriguing roundup of interesting console games startups and companies in the United States. From immersive digital tabletop experiences by Last Gameboard to the global eSports platform by High Tournaments – the landscape is rapidly evolving, with game developers aiming to offer captivating, user-focused gaming experiences. In this article, we take a closer look at some standout startups on the scene.

Join us as we delve into the details, backgrounds, and offerings of these enterprising businesses. Whether you’re an investor, an industry insider, or just an enthusiastic gamer, our handpicked list of 15 startups will give you insight into the future of the industry. You’ll find that these innovative startups are leveraging state-of-the-art technology and unique concepts to transform the world of console gaming.

Explore their unique visions, products, and services. We’ve included links to their websites to help you explore directly what they have to offer. Let’s plunge into the fascinating universe of the gaming industry, which is creating new realms of adventure and entertainment for millions around the globe.

Last Gameboard

Last Gameboard is a tech company that is merging the digital and analog realms in the gaming industry. They are focusing on developing tabletop games that deliver a seamless blend of these experiences.

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Twin Suns

Twin Suns is a video game studio that creates engaging action games for both console and PC platforms.


DX GAMEWORKS is building a unique game accelerator ecosystem that fuels the growth of this immersive entertainment sector.

Esportz Entertainment Corp

Esportz Entertainment Corp has carved its niche as a global eSports news and media company. It is also a partner of Reuters for eSports reporting.

Wayfinder Studios

Wayfinder Studios takes game development to another level with their innovation in creating a new MOBA game for PC, Mobile, and Console platforms.

Possibility Space

At Possibility Space, they are merging the worlds of game and media industry in fresh and interactive ways.

High Tournaments

High Tournaments is impressively monetizing gaming talent through its mobile eSports platform that hosts automatic tournaments.

Indie Esports League

Indie Esports League proudly claims the title of the world’s first multi-game, cross-platform eSports league that exclusively caters to indie games and players of all abilities.

Sword & Wand

Sword & Wand is a remote studio that shines a spotlight on shared online experiences, and offers games with systemically driven replayability.

TinyPlay, Inc.

TinyPlay, Inc. is a mobile and console game developer that works on unique projects for android, ios, xbox, and pc.


At GameSwap they believe in giving gamers a place to sell, buy or even trade their favorite video games. They invite you to join their international community.


Byterop is the innovative result of three friends coming together to develop games with high production values and a global impact.


GatherIn is your one-stop portal that functions as a search engine for gamers and eSports companies.

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HoboLoco Inc

HoboLoco Inc is taking a leap into the future with their development of virtual reality games and game controllers.

Fobula Games

Fobula Games is a video games developer known for their interesting creations for PC & consoles.

Exploring these companies gives one a sense of wonder how the gaming industry is leveraging state-of-the-art technology and embracing innovative concepts. When such creativity meets technology, fascinating gaming experiences are born. The future of console games is bright, and these startups stand as proof.

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