Who are Australia’s Most Influential Cloud Computing Startups in 2023?

The technological revolution around the globe is leaving no stone unturned, and the startup scenario in Australia is a shining example of this. With an impressive emergence in cloud computing companies down under, this article will introduce to you 15 of the most promising tech startups in this sector. We will explore their unique propositions, innovative solutions, and significant contributions in the realm of cloud computing while their stunning accomplishments demonstrate Australia’s technological prowess.

Bringing innovation to traditional sectors utilizing the cloud, these 15 startups showcase the broad array of applications, powering everything from advanced multicloud management, customer experience transformation to high-performance computing on demand, and cybersecurity in Cloud deployments.

So whether you’re an entrepreneur, an investor, a tech enthusiast, or just someone keen to keep up with the evolving tech space, buckle up and join us as we dive deep into the world of these Australian cloud computing startups.


Kivera heralds the next generation of cloud compliance tooling, offering deep visibility and protection across varied cloud deployments. Their offerings highlight the critical importance of a secure cloud environment in a globally digitizing world—a must for businesses of all scales and industries.

StackQL Studios

Agility in cloud management is the key proposition at StackQL Studios. The firm provides a multicloud management framework to provision and query cloud resources, thereby reducing complexity while enhancing security—an critical need in today’s rapidly scaling digital infrastructures.

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Kontext Pty Ltd

Kontext is a pioneering startup specialising in customer experience transformation. In a market where customer experience is a competitive parameter, Kontext offers smarter, cloud-driven solutions that ensure optimum customer engagement.

Edge Centres

Edge Centres strives to bring the power of colocation to the edge. Offering edge data centre services with robust fibre crossing assets, Edge Centres emerges as a leading cloud player in the data centre realm.


Arinco is a prime provider of information technology and services. A significant player in the Australian cloud industry, they’re leveraging the power of the cloud to deliver cutting-edge IT solutions.


Datarock is revolutionizing the mineral exploration sector with its cloud-based drill core image analysis platform, demonstrating the extensive potential cloud computing carries even in niche domains.


EngineRoom.io has made its mark in the cloud industry by offering high-performance computing on demand and big data analytics and processing, leveraging cloud technology’s immense computational power.

Third Aurora

Blending various advanced technologies, Third Aurora creates purposeful, ready-to-market platforms utilizing augmented reality, AI, blockchain, and cloud data—evidencing the synergies that can be harnessed when cloud tech is combined with other futuristic technologies.


Skie, a boutique cloud services company, is carving a niche for itself with its emphasis on offering premium, high-quality cloud solutions to its clientele.


Accelera is all about speed, helping businesses innovate, automate, accelerate using cloud services, perfectly reflecting the dynamic and rapidly evolving nature of the cloud industry.


OneKloudX brings multiple cloud products under one roof— from NetSuite ERP and ELMO Cloud HR to adaptive insights, they are one-stop destination for varieties of cloud products.

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Sierra Cloud

Sierra Cloud stands tall as a cloud company that provides digital consulting services, aiding enterprises with their digital and cloud strategies.


Pliny leverages the cloud to offer services for patient diagnosis for ophthalmologists and optometrists. By applying cloud computing in healthcare, Pliny showcases a promising, impactful use case of the technology.


XtreamCompute jumps out with its cloud-based SaaS products, underscoring the vast array of applications of the cloud in delivering and managing software solutions.

Cloud Vitality

Cloud Vitality is a tech company that offers holistic cloud services—unified communication, Microsoft cloud, networking, IT, and support services—providing an integrated cloud solution to enterprises.

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