Who are Brazil’s Most Influential Analytics Startups Shaping Data Science?

Brazil, a bustling economic hub, is evolving as a major player in the global startup ecosystem. With a particular emphasis on cutting-edge data analytics, several new Brazilian startups are emerging with ground-breaking products and services that leverage Big Data in creative and insightful ways. This article introduces 15 of the most intriguing analytics startups and companies thriving in Brazil today.

These startups and companies have effectively transformed raw data into valuable insights, bolstering their client’s decision-making process. From urban science to payment analytics, these Brazilian ventures cover a wide range of applications within the industry and are stimulating change and development throughout the country.

The following list is a distillation of the best of the Brazilian analytics startup scene, shedding light on the potential that these remarkable companies possess. A spotlight is directed towards the startups, their innovative offerings, and the impacts they have within the analytics industry.


Dataland focuses on urban and agricultural data science. It thrives in harnessing data to understand and therefore optimize urban and agricultural spacing in Brazil.


Feedlover helps companies engage their employees and promote a healthy company culture utilizing their analytical insights to minimize turnover rates.


An analytic investment service provider, Spiti, ensures clients make informed investment decisions based on comprehensive data-driven analysis.

Glass Data

Glass Data caters to fintechs and larger payment operations through its analytics platform, emphasizing payment analytics and fraud detection.

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ChartPay offers an analytics platform specifically designed for businesses operating on a subscription model, assisting them in optimizing their operations.


SupplyLabs applies data intelligence to manage and monitor ESG indicators for businesses that are conscious of sustainability and green practices.


YHub is unique in its offerings of SaaS solutions, analytics, artificial intelligence, and algorithm development services.


The engineering and sports science company, Scoutfy, is revolutionizing the sports industry with its analytics solutions.


Datavisiooh brings audience analytics to the real world, offering a Data Driven Analytics Solution for OOH and DOOH companies.


Scallar provides SaaS software specializing in marketing analytics to help businesses grow by providing clear insights.

Caravel X

Offering a host of services including digital e-commerce, software development, web development, and analytics services, Caravel X is a one-stop-shop for businesses wanting to scale up.

Kaya Mind

Kaya Mind connects information and data, transforming these into insightful research and analysis for emerging markets.

F22 Tech Factory

A specialized information technology company, F22 Tech Factory garners knowledge in software, startup studio, artificial intelligence, and data science.


Infocratics uses SaaS to provide a platform for businesses to handle their data intelligently, thus driving growth.


DataSprints develops products, services, and solutions that leverage data analytics to help businesses make strategic decisions quickly and accurately.

In conclusion, these Brazilian companies are making strides in the technological landscape. With their innovative solutions centred around data analytics, they are undoubtedly contributing towards economic growth and emerging as global leaders in the realm of technology.

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