Which Influential Brazilian Blockchain Startups are Reshaping Industry Standards?

Brazil has a budding blockchain industry teeming with innovative startups that are harnessing the power of this decentralized technology. As one of the world’s largest economies and home to a vibrant tech scene, Brazil is proving to be a fertile space for blockchain and cryptocurrency ventures. In this article, we showcase some of the most interesting blockchain startups and companies in Brazil, and delve deeper into what they do, the industries they serve, and how they are making a difference in the blockchain world.

Known for the passion of its people, the beauty of its landscapes, and the richness of its culture, Brazil is a country that thrives on innovation and entrepreneurial prowess. The Brazilian blockchain industry is burgeoning, replete with companies which are disrupting traditional sectors and introducing new paradigms powered by blockchain technology. These companies are not just making waves locally, but are also gaining recognition on the international stage, showing that Brazil is a prime player in the global blockchain ecosystem.

With blockchain technology’s disruptive potential, it’s no surprise that these Brazil-based startups are taking giant strides in various fields such as finance, gaming, real estate, and more. Each brings a unique solution to the table, leveraging the power of blockchain technology in numerous ways. From creating digital wallets to making waves in green hydrogen production, these startups are not only reshaping their respective industries but are also driving significant changes in the overall global blockchain landscape.

Liqi Digital Assets

Liqi Digital Assets is transforming the world of investments by making anyone a potential investor. This company is democratizing investment by turning assets into accessible investment opportunities using blockchain technology.

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Aiming to transform the gaming industry, BAYZ is a play-to-earn gaming guild. They provide a platform for members to earn money by playing video games and being part of an international gaming community.


Digitra.com is a global cryptocurrency exchange off to a zero-commision start, offering high governance and using NASDAQ technology. Their mission is to make cryptocurrency trading available to everyone and to bring about a shift in the financial industry.


Nftfy is decentralizing the marketplace for NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). Their protocol allows users to buy, sell, and trade fractions of any NFT, opening new opportunities in the burgeoning NFT space.

Gavea Marketplace

Gavea Marketplace is disrupting the commodities exchange industry with their blockchain-driven platform. Gavea is promoting sustainable ESG trading and revamping a centuries-old industry.


Musii is a social network that leverages blockchain to unite people through music. This groundbreaking platform is enhancing the social aspect of music consumption while staying true to the decentralized nature of blockchain.

… and many more!

The aforementioned are only a handful of the exciting blockchain startups in Brazil. Be it Alexia Ventures investing in top entrepreneurs from Brazil and Latin America, Netspaces digitizing real estate properties, PurpleCats connecting traditional finance and cryptocurrencies, or Emigro’s traveler’s digital wallet, Brazil’s blockchain scene is rich with innovation.

Not to mention, financial services company PandaPay, Lumx Studios building Web3 solutions, NFTrend providing a local NFT marketplace, Hydrobras venturing into green hydrogen production, and Stolzlabs offering a white-label IoT platform — all of these are proof of the expansive and diverse blockchain environment that Brazil houses. We can expect to see an even larger variety of disruptive blockchain startups emerge from the country in the near future.

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