Who are Canada’s Influential Information Services Startups Revolutionizing 2023?

Canada’s buzzing tech scene has produced some remarkable startups, many of which are set to revolutionize the Information Services industry. This isn’t a surprise. The country has always been seen as a hotbed of tech innovation, housing a diverse, ambitious, and fast-paced startup ecosystem. Today, we take a close look at 15 of these ingenious startups, breaking down their offerings and impact on the industry. They each bring unique products and services that have influence beyond their geographic bound.

The Information Services industry may seem a bit generic, but the startups we will look at today prove that this isn’t the case. With businesses spanning sectors like healthcare, gaming, construction, and even winemaking, they redefine the scope of the industry. They employ technology in exciting, novel ways to enhance workflows, promote sustainability, and improve the consumer experience.

Without further ado, let’s delve into the world of Canadian Information Service startups.


ENDVR.io caters to brands looking to incentivize retail employees. The platform allows brands to reward employees with instant cash and prizes for excelling in learning and sales at retail. It’s a brilliant tech solution to a mundane problem, creating a more engaging and rewarding retail environment.


QScale is an ambitious IT company that believes in sustainability. They provide high-performance computing centers with recovery options for wasted energy, making for a greener tech world. It’s a unique service that could have significant benefits for our planet.

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Lotus Medical

Lotus Medical brings the customer to the forefront of healthcare. They provide tech-enabled healthcare that is rooted in the customer’s needs and wants. It’s a step toward a more personalized healthcare experience.


TraceCost provides a platform for informed decision-making in the construction industry. They establish and maintain standard processes and procedures and improve outcome predictability. This service could effectively reduce inefficiencies and wastage in construction work.


Eva is a forerunner in the sustainable tech scene. They design, market, and franchise a ride-sharing and delivery app to promote sustainability and cooperative mobility. It’s a service that is more relevant now than ever before, and Eva is leading the charge.


For the gaming enthusiasts, trophi.ai offers e-sports coaching services. They use technology to create an improvement-oriented environment for players of all levels.


In the construction sector, OnTraccr provides a SaaS platform that boosts construction workflow automation. It’s a promising service that brings much-needed technological advancement to traditional industries.


Buyer is revolutionizing the way companies make big purchases. They offer negotiation-as-a-service, with a platform that saves clients money on big-ticket purchases such as annual software contracts.


ZOMI aspires to digitalize every dish. Their mission is to provide customers with a personalized food experience and a comprehensive digital menu. ZOMI could be a game-changer in the food service industry.


Vinterre aims to organize the world’s wine information. This web-based platform has managed to amalgamate an extraordinary amount of data on wine, providing a new form of value to so many around the world.

Its Time For Change

Its Time For Change (ITFC) is a uniquely Canadian economic inclusion network. They help people find Indigenous communities in Canada, encourage awareness, promote inclusion, and foster new social connections.

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Single Parent Life

Single Parent Life is a social app that connects single and solo parents. They offer a marketplace that links parents to businesses that offer personal and life services. The app is an excellent source of community and support for single and solo parents.

Botni Vision

Botni Vision is working on democratizing computer vision and cloud computing. They build computer vision applications that allow businesses to leverage this emerging technology.

Bonjour Startup Montréal

Bonjour Startup Montréal is a nonprofit organization that assists in the creation, growth, and influence of Montreal startups. It’s a great community-focused startup that helps others reach their full potential.

B2B Cyber Secure

B2B Cyber Secure helps small to medium enterprises (SMEs) strengthen their organization and IT architecture against cyber threats. As cybersecurity becomes increasingly crucial, it’s services like these that keep businesses afloat.

In conclusion, the fast-paced and dynamic world of information services has seen several mesmerizing startups come up in recent years. These Canadian companies are at the forefront of driving change and harnessing the power of technology to provide efficient and valuable services. They’re not just startups; they’re the future architects of the information services industry.

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