Who are China’s Game-Changing Information Services Startups in 2023?

The online and digital world is chock full of information, some of which we often don’t even realise we need. Among these information sources are numerous Chinese startups that are making impressive strides in the field of Information Services. Ranging from cloud solutions to data analysis, these companies are innovating the way we consume and use information for professional and personal purposes. Whether you’re interested in startups or technology, or even if you’re just curious about how digital advancements have reshaped the business world in China, let’s embark on this cyber journey together and discover these fascinating companies.

China has always been known for its innovative and fast-paced tech industry. With cities like Shenzhen often drawing comparisons to Silicon Valley, China has truly jumped on the digital bandwagon. However, there’s one area where China has outshone many: the Information Services industry. Chinese startups within this sector are not only transforming but also dominating this industry globally.

Let’s shed some light on these companies and talk about what they do, how they’re innovating, and why they’re grabbing attention across the globe. Here’s a list of 15 Information Services startups and companies that are revolutionising the digital world in China.


WELINK is a domestic information services company specializing in video cloud solutions. They’ve quickly become a go-to in the industry for their customizable services that cater specifically to local businesses.

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Redefining automobile ownership, HiPhi is a brand platform that amplifies vehicle selection, purchasing, usage, and aftersales services. The platform offers all these services under one roof, making automobile purchase a seamless experience for its users.


KeenData helps organizations develop solid and independent data capabilities. They’ve quickly emerged as an essential ally for companies looking to make the most out of their data in the age of digital transformation.


Builtopia is transforming digital branding by allowing you to create your unique 3D branding & engagement experiences for the Metaverse. It’s like SimCity for your digital brand.


Xiaolanben is an online platform providing essential public information about companies. Whether you want to know about the company’s ownership or investment details, Xiaolanben has you covered.

Quadtalent Technology

Quadtalent Technology is an Information Services company that is helping businesses transform digitally by providing enterprise AI solutions. With their expertise, companies can leap into the digital world with confidence.


For those seeking beauty services, Jixiaomei has streamlined the process. They provide a beauty evaluation platform for users, revolutionizing the beauty services industry.

Xiaoshuo Digital Technology

Xiaoshuo Digital is a service provider focusing on the digital upgrade of industrial scenarios. Their technical services are transforming the way industries operate.


Qukankanbei is a shopping information service platform. The platform seeks to simplify online shopping for its clients, providing essential information right at their fingertips.


Lulaile.com offers professional information cloud services for the physical industry. Their services are highly suited for businesses that require massive data processing and storage.

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Hipa Cloud is focusing on developing no-code platforms for enterprise clients, assisting them with customized management system creation. They are simplifying the process of developing, deploying, and managing online applications.


MiaoYun is an Information Services company providing enterprise-ready container management and AIOps platform services. Companies can streamline their online operations and improve their efficiency with their solutions.

Qingneng Technology

Qingneng Technology provides solutions for upgrading and transforming the energy industry. With an emphasis on clean and efficient energy, this company is paving the way for the future of the energy sector.

Miaoru Technology

Miaoru Technology provides distributed edge cloud infrastructure solutions for IT companies. Their solutions allow companies to create and manage their online infrastructure more efficiently and securely.


Last but not least, Pamirs is a knowledge service platform providing users with expert networks and alternative data. It’s a valuable tool for users to gain insights from seasoned experts and use rich datasets for better decision-making.

These are just some of the cutting-edge Information Services companies in China. With their diverse range of products and services, they’re making a significant impact on how businesses and individuals interact with and use information in the digital age. It’s undoubtedly interesting to see what else these companies will bring to the table as they continue to innovate and shape the Information Services industry.

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