Who are India’s Most Influential Information Services Startups in 2023?

India is fast-emerging as one of the leading startup ecosystems globally, With the infusion of technology in every sector, the Information Services industry is no exception. With companies ranging from cybersecurity to agritech, this booming landscape is as varied as it is fascinating. In this article, we take a closer look at some of the most interesting Information Services startups based in India.

These startups cover everything, from helping organizations manage their cybersecurity to providing innovative learning platforms for students. They are redefining the way we consume information and are using cutting-edge technology to address some of the most pressing problems across industries. Thus, they are playing a pivotal role in driving India’s digital transformation journey.

Therefore, if you are looking to explore innovative ideas, best practices, and the latest trends in the Information Services industry, then here is an enlightening list of 15 Indian startups that you should be aware of:


ZERON is a startup that provides comprehensive Cyber Security Posture Management solutions in a user-friendly way. They are committed to helping organizations fortify their security infrastructure and protect their data from potential cyber threats.


Partnering with AI, Prepseed is a digital revolution in the education sector of India. This learning solution platform aids students in preparing for competitive examinations like JEE, NEET, among others.


Cookd aids individuals in planning their meals and purchasing groceries by providing an intuitive platform that brings convenience and efficiency to the kitchen.

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Hal Clyde Denison Limited (HCDL)

Hal Clyde Denison Limited (HCDL) fuses technology with investment and consulting enterprise, delivering efficient and effective solutions to its clients.


Zobhunger Solution Pvt. Ltd is a Pan-India Integrated Business Process company delivering quality service across sectors and industries.


Aiming to combat money laundering, IntelleWings brave a perspective that’s clear, concise, and fresh while delivering Anti-Money Laundering solutions.


Striving to empower farmers across India, Kisanwala offers end-to-end solutions for all farm needs including technological innovation and information procurement.

Startups Box

StartupsBox focuses on early-stage startups in its blogs. Inviting readers towards business ideas and the startup ecosystem, its domain can be accessed here.


POPT is a promising prop-tech platform that offers information services, including providing indexed properties to its users.

CRCL Solutions

In the renewable energy sector, CRCL Solutions offers wind and solar forecasting information for ERCOT’s day-ahead and real-time markets.


From information about local businesses to product reviews, Gimzoworld provides quality articles to guide the reader to make informed decisions.

Unthinkable Solutions

Unthinkable Solutions is a software development company that provides scalable and robust software solutions to businesses of various types and sizes.

Data Channel

An IT company specializing in data aggregation, analytics, and visualization services – Data Channel brings data understanding to a whole new level.


Offering products directly from producers across India, Kalgudi is a digital platform that ensures authenticity and quality through traceability.

The Alike

With its comprehensive coverage of world news, gadgets, and consumer electronics. The Alike never lets its readers miss out on the world’s affairs and technology.

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