Who are India’s Most Influential IoT Startups Transforming Industries in 2023?

The technology paradigm is shifting, and India is at the forefront of this sea change, with numerous innovative startups making their mark in the global tech arena. The Internet of Things (IoT) is one such burgeoning field that has seen much development, with various Indian startups surfing the wave. While the IoT universe encompasses a broad range of applications, these startups focus on unique and specific niches to provide solutions that are tailor-made for their customers. Here’s a look at some of the most promising IoT startups from India that are leveraging this technology to drive innovation and disrupt traditional industries.

These startups are utilizing IoT to its maximum potential, tackling different industry verticals such as agriculture, energy, medical, and waste management sectors. Their visions are driven by the quest to make products and services more efficient, accessible, and sustainable. IoT’s potential is rivaled only by the inventiveness and resilience of these startups that are employing it. Thus, these businesses are unlocking new opportunities and building a brighter future.

Below are some remarkable startups carving out their path, disrupting traditional norms, and setting benchmarks in their respective domains. Exploring their innovative solutions gives an insight into how IoT is redefining the face of technology.


TapOnn utilizes IoT to revolutionize the domain in India. Though their specific offerings are somewhat mysterious, their commitment to the IoT space in India is clear.

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All the way from Hyderabad, EdgeGrid aims to create an IoT-powered cleaner tech platform that ensures energy transitions for last-mile users.


EpVi, the Energy Assistant, is an IoT device destined to reduce electricity wastage by monitoring its usage.

Leap Club

Leap Club connects agriculture to IoT by delivering fresh, organic groceries from local farms.


NEERX combines IoT with agriculture to ameliorate crop management and productivity and deal climate risks and agri-input costs.


Healthcare and IoT meet at RomeMariya, a firm developing connected medical devices.

TechProm IOT

TechProm IOT addresses parking issues with smart parking equipment OEM.

High Five Innovation Labs

High Five Innovation Labs uses IoT to transform traditional electricity meters into pre-paid smart meters.


Embodying the future of EV charging solutions, YoCharge is a comprehensive IoT-enabled service company.


Trashnet uses IoT for making waste management systems more efficient.


Software company TekUncorked marries IoT with electricity distribution to make predictive, smart and connected solutions.

Organic Ledger

Organic Ledger pioneers a one-scan provenance solution interfacing Blockchain and IoT with AI and data analytics.

Andgate Informatics

Andgate Informatics offers a myriad of services including IoT, embedded services, database engineering, and ASIC design, etching its mark in the tech industry.

EmerTech Innovations

Another proponent of IoT and blockchain EmerTech Innovations aims to leverage these technologies by creating smart tools.

Parking Mantra

Designed to solve urban parking problems, Parking Mantra is an online IoT-based parking platform.

To conclude, it’s clear that the IoT space in India is pulsating with energy and will increasingly become a force to be reckoned with. Stay tuned as these startups lead the charge into the future of IoT, redefining industries, transforming lives and making the impossible, possible.

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