Who are the Game Changers in India’s 2023 Internet Startup Landscape?

India is on its way to becoming a global leader in the startup industry. With an impressive list of technology start-ups, Indian entrepreneurs are developing cutting-edge solutions to various challenges faced in the online realm. Indian startups, are increasing their global footprint, working across industries from software solutions to social engagement and beyond. Here are some of the Indian startups that have caught our eye.

These startups range in nature, showcasing the diversity of multiple sectors such as SaaS, live music platforms, social engagement platforms for food and beverage, and platforms for job seekers. In this article, we’ll delve into an overview of each of these businesses, their unique selling proposition, and the impact they’ve made, along with links to their websites for further details.

This extensive list of 15 startups represents the many corners of India’s ever-growing internet industry. Continue reading to learn about each one and how they are shaping the digital world in their way.


Saaslio is a SaaS Discovery, Management, and Shadow IT Alerting Solution. Targeted for Modern MSPs, Saaslio is revolutionizing the way MSPs work, by providing a platform that streamlines and automates the process of SaaS discovery and management.


Mandolin is a digital platform created to connect artists, venues, and fans. It seeks to bring live music to fans around the world through its innovative platform, with a mission to keep the live music experience alive in a digital format.

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Trym’d leverages live occupancy analytics & delay time monitoring technology to cut down on unproductive waiting periods at vital service locations, promoting a practical solution to a common issue faced in the service industry.


EatHere serves as a social-engagement marketplace for Food & Beverage, providing a comprehensive platform for food lovers to engage, explore and enjoy.

Nemesis Labs Inc.

Nemesis Labs Inc. is a robust technology company developing, manufacturing, and distributing computer software from its headquarters in Mohali, Punjab.


KillerLaunch bridges the gap between employers and job seekers, assisting students in finding the most suitable job or internship matches to advance their career.


Mavenwit is an award-winning full-time global advertising, marketing & transformation company aiming to create innovative marketing strategies that deliver tangible results.

Nova Social

Nova Social is a platform specifically made for teenagers. It provides them with a venue for networking with global peers, discovering their passion, and finding internships to grow personally and professionally.


Klaar is an HR tech platform that empowers companies to drive direct business outcomes through its technology-driven HR solutions.


Interality is an engine for Mixed Reality Worlds, exploring the virtual world with a novel approach, and offering users a distinctive Mixed Reality Experience.


CXOreach is an Online Free B2B Database & Business Intelligence website, providing businesses with insights to optimize their strategy and reach their target audience.

The Product Folks

The Product Folks are a volunteer-driven community of Product Managers passionate about making a meaningful impact in their field. They both challenge and support each other to drive product innovation and transformation.

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LikWiik’s mission is to bring the world closer together, with a focus on building communities, specifically those involving women. Through their platform, they empower individuals to forge connections, share ideas, and foster a sense of community.


Trimpixel provides businesses with tools to enhance their sales pitch. They help companies to present their products or services in a way that truly resonates with potential customers and maximizes sales results.


Morff is a design-focused freelance platform for businesses where they can access a range of freelance design services, custom-tailored to meet their unique business needs.

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