Who are India’s Most Influential Machine Learning Startups in 2023?

The technological space of India is undoubtedly booming, with its growth attributed to an array of innovative startups taking the industry by storm. Among them, a noticeable trend in the prevalence of machine learning has been observed. This article will dive into some of the fascinating startups, each striving to leverage machine learning to revolutionise different sectors of the industry on a global scale.

Tackling vital areas such as e-commerce, education, manufacturing, utility management, fraud detection, contamination fighting, and much more, these startups on the list redefine the way we operate in several domains. The integration of machine learning makes the operations/processes faster, more accurate, and efficient.

We will now delve into details about each of these exciting startups making headlines with their innovative ideas and how Machine Learning is helping them make a difference.


GoKwik is an online platform that focuses on improving users’ buying experiences on e-commerce websites. With Machine Learning, GoKwik aims to troubleshoot and smoothen the online shopping experience, pushing boundaries for a seamless digital commerce environment.


BytesView data analysis tool utilises AI to extract insights from unstructured text data, making it easier for businesses to understand the data they’re working with, eventually leading to effective decision-making processes.


Healthcare sector has witnessed significant contributions from startups like Microlysis. The company leverages AI and ML to evaluate cell-cell interactions in numerous video feeds, pushing the boundaries of cell therapy development and delivery.

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Education is not untouched by the ML revolution. Startups like KINEESTU offer an AI-enabled platform to assist students with their higher education and career growth plans, thus personalising the learning path for every student.


In the manufacturing sector, Araqev stands out with its additive manufacturing and 3D printing technology utilising machine learning algorithms. This innovation helps save scrap and reduces the machining time significantly.


While Utiliz does not have a website, they have made significant headway in application software that predicts pipe failures and helps manage assets. Machine Learning is central to their operations.

Pinaca Technologies

Pinaca Technologies exploits Machine Learning algorithms for setting up a fraud detection platform, thus addressing a crucial security concern for numerous businesses.

OyeLabs Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

OyeLabs Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a startup solving business problems and strives for growth in startups and large enterprises, heavily relying on Machine Learning.

Akira AI

Akira AI is developing an ML observability platform designed for AI applications, thus providing a platform-agnostic solution.


Saafwater integrates AI and IoT technology to combat water contamination worldwide, promising a huge step towards a secure living environment.


The high-density and low-latency application requirements of enterprises is addressed by DynamoEdge using their real-time intelligence platform built on Machine Learning.

Teamcognito Solutions

Teamcognito Solutions provide advanced solutions in cyber security, managed cloud services, digital transformation, and artificial intelligence, to keep up with the growing demand in the industry.


Wuagle is working towards creating a sustainable future, empowering people worldwide using machine learning.

Tark AI

Tark AI is one of the frontier companies specialising in the field of machine learning technology, contributing significantly to the Indian technological space.

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Lastly, Wisepl provides Data Annotation Services for Machine Learning & Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, thus moulding an integral part of the data processing of numerous businesses.

These Indian startups are indeed topping the charts in their contributions to various sectors through machine learning. Their continuous effort to innovate and improve provides a promising outlook for the future of the industry, portraying a vibrant image of the Indian tech scene.

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