Who are Kuala Lumpur’s Most Influential E-Commerce Startups in 2023?

Welcome to the vibrant e-commerce scene in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, a fascinating blend of creativity, entrepreneurship, and innovation. This bustling city is home to numerous startups intent on reshaping and redefining the commercial landscape, with a particular focus on e-commerce. With internet penetration rate rising and the demand for online shopping showing no signs of waning, these Kuala Lumpur-based startups are stepping up to the plate and disrupting the market with their unique offerings.

The eclectic mix of e-commerce companies based in Kuala Lumpur caters to a broad array of industries and interests; from eco-friendly essentials to curated fashion platforms, subscription services, and health and wellness, the city’s e-commerce industry is as diverse as its cultural heritage. So let us delve into 15 pioneering e-commerce companies that have established their roots amidst the streets and skyscrapers of Kuala Lumpur.

Each startup featured possesses a unique selling proposition, showcasing immense potential in disrupting the Malaysian, and potentially, the global e-commerce market. We’ll dive into what makes each of them unique and what they offer to the online shopping market.


First on the list is Poptron, an e-commerce platform designed for eco-friendly and sustainable products. This company caters to a growing demand for environmentally-conscious shopping, leading the way in sustainable e-commerce in Kuala Lumpur.


Swifty is a marketplace for Malaysians to hire local services, ranging from cleaners to tutors and designers. They’ve successfully digitized a once highly offline industry, making them a key player in the Malaysian e-commerce landscape.

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Justag has developed a unique social-commerce platform, benefiting sellers, buyers, and affiliates alike. Their aim to provide mutual benefit for all involved parties sets them apart from their e-commerce competition.


SUBPLACE is an online shopping platform that offers subscription-based products and services. They offer a modern twist on e-commerce, catering to those who enjoy regular deliveries of their favorite products or services.


ZUCCA has established a social commerce platform focusing on modest fashion. With their adoption of the Real-Time Retailing model, they deliver up-to-the-minute fashion directly to their customers.

Sepulo Holdings Berhad

Sepulo Holdings Berhad is a company focused on providing sustainable lifestyle solutions. Though they lack an online presence, their mission towards sustainability earns them a spot on our list.


Ellegra operates a D2C online curated shopping technology platform for women. Available in Peninsular Malaysia, Ellegra is a destination for fashion-savvy females.


SoTipsy offers logistical solutions for everyday essential items, financial services, and more. Their diverse offerings make for a convenient one-stop e-commerce experience.


Halfacresland is an online portal focusing on the sale, rent, and development of land projects. Their niche specialization in land development makes them a unique player in Kuala Lumpur’s e-commerce industry.


WeddingMate operates a wedding online platform that offers a wedding directory and deals in Malaysia. They provide a comprehensive tool for future brides and grooms, simplifying wedding planning with their online platform.

MVIG Berhad

MVIG Berhad is a platform that connects all layers of the supply chain. Their platform, known as “Retail Integrated Solution,” interlinks retailers, suppliers, and purchasers.

Momentum Commerce

Momentum Commerce specializes in logistics management and customer services. By supporting the logistical elements of e-commerce, they play a crucial role in the industry’s infrastructure.

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Morr employs AI-powered omnichannel commerce, loyalty, and payments. Their technological approach to e-commerce places them at the forefront of innovation in the industry.

Kloser Sdn Bhd

Kloser Sdn Bhd designs software and mobile app solutions that facilitate full online sales funnels. Their technology services support and streamline e-commerce operations for businesses.


Healtopedia aggregates thousands of health, wellness, and diagnostic services into a single convenient platform. With a simple booking system, they’ve revolutionized access to healthcare services in Malaysia.

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