Who Are Madrid’s Most Influential E-Commerce Startups Redefining Retail in 2023?

Madrid, Spain is not only renowned for its vibrant culture, delectable cuisine, and enthralling architecture but also for its blooming startup ecosystem. Among the myriad startups, the e-commerce sector in the Spanish capital reflects remarkable innovation and diversity. Here, we present a collection of intriguing e-commerce startups and companies that are making strides in their respective fields – from an instant refund platform to a marketplace connecting voice artists and creators globally.

These companies are responding ingeniously to contemporary market needs, leveraging the power of technology, and contributing towards a more efficient, inclusive, and environmentally-friendly e-commerce landscape. They are enhancing customer experience, streamlining operations, and initiating novel business models. Let’s have a look at these dynamic enterprises based in Madrid.

For each, you will find a brief bio, a link to their official website, and an insight into their groundbreaking ventures. The ensuing list features 15 e-commerce startups in no particular order, all equally contributing to Madrid’s thriving startup scene.


Reveni is pioneering a revolutionary way to handle returns in e-commerce. Their instant refund platform not only results in happy customers but also significantly deters return fraud. This innovative initiative places them at the front line of enhancing consumer experience and improving operational efficiency in the e-commerce industry.


Aspiring to minimize risk expansion for restaurant brands, Cuyna operates as a network of virtual kitchens facilitating delivery-only locations. This agile model not only meets the increasing demand for food delivery efficiently but also supports restaurants in navigating the complexities of the digital transition.

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HarBest Market

HarBest Market is an online marketplace that bridges the gap between producers and restaurants looking for fresh produce. It enables restaurants to buy directly from producers, excising middlemen and ensuring quality.

iF Lastmile

Specializing in logistics and delivery, iF Lastmile provides same-day delivery and return service for online shoppers, making e-commerce more swift and seamless.


Wiserentr brings a fresh perspective to consumer technology solutions. Through their service, customers can rent tech products directly at the point of sale in existing e-commerce and telco platforms.


Bechester focuses on delivering a practical solution to space problems through their range of adaptable furniture products, helping city dwellers make the most of their limited space.


Hamelyn operates an online re-commerce platform where users can check prices promptly for an array of products, aiding consumers to make informed decisions.


Twinny leverages artificial intelligence to make Social Commerce happen. Their SaaS product helps businesses revamp their social media strategy and reach potential customers efficiently.


Connecting brands with Uber and Cabify passengers, Hangry is transforming commutes into shopping opportunities, utilising travel downtime effectively.


Leading e-bike subscriptions in Southern Europe, Wifly promotes eco-friendly transportation and contributes towards a sustainable urban future.

Run To Wear

Run To Wear runs an online platform enabling shoppers to trade clothes they no longer need for new ones, promoting a circular economy and reducing fashion waste.


Specializing in CBD and cannabis products, Uncanny is a pioneering e-commerce platform ensuring a streamlined shopping experience for these niche items.

Store Plus

With the aim to improve shopping experiences, Store Plus empowers both the sales and marketing wings of stores, enabling them to connect with consumers in meaningful ways.

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Voicefinder is a marketplace facilitating the connection between creators and voice artists around the globe, solving a critical problem in the content creation industry.


Another company in the CBD and cannabis products niche, Yamnaya has created a streamlined e-commerce platform for these in-demand products, offering consumers an uncomplicated, user-friendly shopping experience.

In conclusion, with the pace of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit exhibited by these startups, Madrid is cementing its place as an epicenter of e-commerce ingenuity. From devising novel solutions to banal problems to revolutionizing entire sectors, these startups are collectively driving the future of e-commerce.

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