Who Are Madrid’s Most Influential FinTech Startups Changing Finance in 2023?

The rapid growth in technological innovation in the Spanish capital has drawn talented entrepreneurs and investors from around the globe. Madrid is now a strategic hub for FinTech startups disrupting traditional banking and finance sectors. Here are 15 standout FinTech companies based in Madrid, Spain that you should be keeping an eye on.

These startups are breaking down barriers and redefining what’s achievable in financial technology. They are poising Madrid as an excellent spot for FinTech innovation. Let’s dive into each of them and explore their unique contributions to the FinTech industry.

It is significant to note that these Madrid-based FinTech startups are not only innovating, but they are also adding tremendous value to their respective industries; they’re making strides in evolving financial methods, fostering financial inclusion, affordability and accessibility, and introducing new measures of convenience and control.


Divilo is a B2B financial platform designed to help companies and sole traders with financial operations. Through innovative solutions, Divilo is revolutionizing how companies handle their financial matters.


Cryptocurrency traders should be familiar with Atani, a one-stop crypto trading platform. The platform integrates trading on 20+ exchanges, technical analysis tools, and automates tax reporting.


Redefining education financing, StudentFinance is a Global Career Mobility platform aiming to reskill and upskill the global workforce and thus altering traditional education financing methods.


Devengo is a B2B API helping clients orchestrate fast and programmable payouts using next-generation payment protocols, speeding up the payout process and making it more efficient.

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Invopop is reshaping how companies handle their invoices by automating and scaling electronic invoicing, saving businesses time and reducing errors.

LIBEEN Smart Housing

Making homeownership more accessible, LIBEEN Smart Housing offers a rent-to-buy PropTech solution, opening doors to millennial home ownership.


RITMO is the financial operating platform for online sellers helping to simplify and optimize their financial operations.


HeyTrade is developing a next-generation open banking investment platform, disrupting traditional investment banking practices.


Like LIBEEN, Lucas also offers a Rent to Buy model to help millennials get a foothold on the property ladder.


elsa.care offers migrant workers commission-less services and cash remittances for their families back home, dramatically reducing costs associated with international money transfers.


CryptoTechFin applies its technological development (investment algorithms, big data solutions) to optimize profits, replacing traditional investment methods with tech-driven solutions.


ADA IMPACTO is a conversational financial companion designed for unbanked women, fostering financial inclusion and literacy particularly in the underserved segment.

Fintech Payments

Fintech Payments is a Fintech & Insurtech solutions marketplace serving clients in more than 33 countries and diversifying financial product offerings.


Wilgo makes renting a home more accessible by offering greater payment flexibility, thus making it easier for more people to secure a rental property.

Vent Finance

Vent Finance is the first full-stack Cardano-Polygon platform that enables sustainable growth, pushing the boundaries of blockchain technology in FinTech.

In conclusion, these Madrid-based FinTech Startups are disrupting the financial landscape and emerging as leaders in the FinTech space. Keep a lookout; they are changing the ways we deal with money daily.

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