Who are Moscow’s Most Influential Software Startups Shaping 2023 Tech Scene?

Welcome to this detailed exploration of some of the most innovative software startups making waves in Moscow City, Russian Federation. In the historic heart of Russian technology and innovation, these companies are redefining what’s possible in their respective sectors – from sales management to electric vehicle charging, video recommendations, and geospatial data analysis. Let’s delve into the dynamic world of Moscow City’s software scene and discover fifteen startups that are pushing the boundaries, solving complex problems, and creating advanced software solutions.


Anabar is a tech company based in Moscow City specializing in analytics and sales management. Anabar is pioneering an advanced platform that helps businesses optimize their operations, making data-driven decisions easier and more effective. Anabar operates in the thriving Russian software industry and is becoming a leading name in analytics and sales management.

Edison Technologies

Even without a web presence, Edison Technologies has made its mark in Moscow City’s software scene. The company is engaged in the production of ultra-fast charging stations for electric vehicles and providing auxiliary software. With its focus on renewable energy and advanced technology, Edison Technologies is carving a unique niche in the software industry.

Tango Vision

Built on innovation and user-conscious design, Tango Vision is shaping the future of software as a service (SaaS). Stable, very flexible, and highly user-friendly, the proprietary platform offered by this Moscow City startup promises a seamless experience for businesses seeking top-notch software solutions.

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Cyberphysics offers a universal software solution for optimizing production operational processes. With its intelligent tool suite, the company is helping enterprises realize the potential of digitization, thereby improving efficiency and productivity.


Known for its video recommendation and sales solutions, Videoforce is a rising software startup in Moscow. It offers an internet service to clients aimed at enhancing the effectiveness of their video content, thereby maximizing conversion rates and online sales.

Get Energy

Providing innovative charging solutions for mobile phones, Get Energy is a software startup to watch. This forward-thinking company is leveraging the power of software to revolutionize how consumers charge their mobile devices.


MESO, a digital solutions provider based in Moscow, offers a food management platform offering digital solutions for businesses in the meal delivery sector. The platform, accessible via MESO’s website, provides tools that streamline and simplify the process of delivering food to houses.


Skyeer is changing the game for geospatial data processing with its proprietary software. Serving the construction and mining industries, Skyeer is generating actionable insights from location-based data and revolutionizing these fields.


Ninetales is a platform that is opening new avenues for content creators. This web 3 platform gives creators a comprehensive toolset to learn, create and publish content across multiple social media platforms.


As an advanced service for managing corporate info, pntr.io stands out in the Russian software startup scene. The platform includes options for streamlining contact information, enhancing online visibility, improving web traffic, and managing customer reviews.


Slidepage is a software company specialized in creating websites and ad media. Its platform provides businesses with intuitive tools and services to design and deploy engaging, high-converting web pages and ads.

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IZI DZ is a mobile EdTech startup making waves in the Russian market and is ambitious about reaching the international stage. Its digital solutions are simplifying education and making learning more accessible to students everywhere.

Cognitive Pilot

Cognitive Pilot is a technology company focused on the development of autonomous driving systems. It creates systems for city transport, rail transport, and agricultural machinery, demonstrating a broad commitment to advancing the cause of autonomous vehicles.

Pola Tech

With its primary focus on the maritime industry, Pola Tech offers SaaS-based subscription solutions for voyage, deal, and fleet management. Their platform is designed to simplify and enhance various aspects of maritime business operations.


iCognito is a powerful software offering psychological self-help tools to its users. This intuitive software aims to empower individuals to better understand and manage their mental health.

From advanced analytics to intelligent charge stations, web design, and mental health tools, each of these startups is contributing to the lively and innovative software scene in Moscow City. Each of them is evolving within the sector, showcasing the ingenuity and forward-thinking mentality prevalent in this vibrant city.

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