Who are Singapore’s Most Influential FinTech Startups Shaping 2023?

The Singaporean FinTech scene continues to flourish, brimming with a host of exciting startups looking to carve out a unique place in this fast-paced industry. The following are among the most promising and innovative FinTechs in Singapore, ranging from mobile banking apps to blockchain platforms and financial SaaS.

From solving compliance challenges, offering micro-loans, or seeking to democratize investment opportunities, these startups embody Singapore’s position as the FinTech capital of the world. Despite their diversity, all of them share a common ambition- to make financial services more accessible and efficient.

Let’s delve into discovering these FinTech startups and learn how they are transforming the financial landscape in Singapore and beyond.


Located in Singapore, Lucy is a mobile banking app that specifically targets women. They aim to bridge the gender gap existing in financial services by enabling women to have better control over their financial health. By doing so, Lucy redefines the role of digital banking services in the FinTech industry.


Zorion is a visionary FinTech startup that aims to provide innovative investment solutions. Focusing on Southeast Asian markets, the Singapore-based startup is bridging the gap between technology and finance to unlock new investment opportunities.


AsiaVerify operates in the Regtech industry, offering real-time KYB/KYC/UBO through its SaaS platform. The Singapore-based startup not only enhances compliance processes but also revolutionizes them by providing a comprehensive solution.

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Boost Capital

Boost Capital is revamping the lending sector by enabling micro-loans through smartphones, thereby making the process cheaper and easier. This Singapore-based startup is rapidy changing the landscape of mobile and digital lending services.

Regtank Technology Pte Ltd

Regtank is dedicated to offering one-stop compliance solutions for FinTechs, effectively enabling them to navigate compliance, security and risk management. This Singapore-based company is a potential game-changer in managing regulatory complexities in the fintech sector.


Partior from Singapore is a blockchain platform designed for payments clearing and settlement services. Leveraging the power of blockchain technology, Partior is striving to revolutionize the payments industry.

IN Financial Technologies

IN Financial Technologies (INFT) from Singapore provides a comprehensive and integrated employer-to-employee fintech platform. This startup primarily caters to micro and small businesses in Asia.


The Singapore-based Kilde is a global private debt investment platform looking to raise capital for alternative lenders. By merging technology and finance, Kilde provides a modern solution to traditional investing.


Singapore’s PlayV offers crypto trading expertise. By navigating the complexities of cryptocurrency markets, PlayV plays a vital role in promoting digital asset investing and trading.


Juno is a cross-border neo-banking platform based in Singapore. Juno delves into unleashing high-yield accounts to boost savings for its global user base.

Acala Network

Based in Singapore, Acala Network is a decentralized finance hub and stablecoin platform powering cross-blockchain liquidity and applications. Acala exemplifies the real-world application of decentralized finance.

Shuttle One

Shuttle One is a fintech startup providing operating software, payment and loan services. Further solidifying Singapore’s positioning as a FinTech hub, this startup offers a range of scalable financial solutions.

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Ink Finance

Ink Finance is a financial SaaS that supports on-chain issuance, settlement, clearing, and analysis of Non-Fungible financial products. Located in Singapore, Ink Finance is leading the Fintech industry’s transition into De-Fi and blockchain technology.


Opulous connects parties, allowing anyone to inject capital into the music industry through collateralized loans. Based in Singapore, this startup exemplifies how fintech can revolutionize other industries, in this case, the music industry.


The Singapore-based Bixie is a Web3-powered financial ecosystem designed for women to trigger wealth generation. The platform offers personalised and affordable financial products and services, aiming to empower women financially.

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