Who are Switzerland’s Most Influential Software Startups Transforming 2023?

Startups around the world continue to make great strides, utilizing advanced technology to innovate and reshape numerous industries. Within this global ecosystem, Switzerland’s software startup scene is one that truly stands out, with its demonstrations of unique solutions, intriguing ideas, and creativity. This article will showcase and explain some of the most intriguing software companies that have emerged from this Swiss vibrant startup scene.

From applications managing hybrid workplaces to software accelerating the transition towards clean energy, these startups are pushing boundaries to solve a myriad of problems. Here are 15 of them taking the world of software by storm.

Each of these startups not only has a fascinating story to tell but also underscores the dynamic and innovative spirit that continues to define the Swiss software startup space. By harnessing cutting-edge technology, these companies are reshaping their respective industries, bringing new tools and resources to both businesses and consumers alike.


Website: Deskbird
Deskbird is a people-centric workplace management app for hybrid companies. They are built around the needs of modern, hybrid teams and provide flexible bookings, easy management, and data-driven insights.


Website: Zoundream
Zoundream uses deep learning and sound recognition to translate baby cries sounds into their needs, emotions and physical status. It’s an innovative solution that aims to support new parents and healthcare providers.


Website: Urbio
Urbio is a software that accelerates the transition of utilities towards clean energy. The software enables utilities to transform their processes to embrace sustainable energy sources efficiently and effectively.

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Almer Technologies

Website: Almer Technologies
Almer creates compact and lightweight AR devices with the best image to make communication between frontline workers and experts effortless. They aim to reshape the way physical jobs are performed, with technology.


Website: Wyth
Wyth creates private digital spaces to grow meaningful relationships with your audience. Their product is like a living room online, where users can invite their community to hangout, talk, learn, co-create and build strong bonds.


Website: Travizory
Travizory facilitates seamless, secure digital border-crossing experiences for governments and travelers. Their software assists in simplifying travel procedures, providing convenience to travelers and efficiency for government authorities.


Website: PeriVision
Perivision offers next-generation solutions by leveraging cloud computing, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence. From digital twins to remote assistance, their technology unfolds multiple possibilities.


Website: VISENSE
VISENSE is a startup providing a remote machine error monitoring solution for industrial manufacturers. Their technology helps industries increases their efficiency by reducing downtime and improving operation management.

SO REAL Digital Twins

Website: SO REAL
SO REAL automates the production of digital twins of 3D objects. Designed to aid the product development, their highly accurate models help to showcase and evaluate any product in a virtual environment.


Website: Scrambl
Scrambl matches young professionals to companies with the precision of headhunters for the cost of a job post. Their solution helps companies to streamline their hiring process while matching professionals to their perfect job.


Website: Typewise
Typewise is a Swiss deep tech company that builds text prediction AI. Their technology improves text interaction, reducing the time spent typing and enhancing user experience.

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Website: Gossik
Gossik is the digital productivity assistant that helps people with ADHD structure their day and get their things done. Their software provides assistance by organizing tasks, managing time and improving focus.


Website: Columbus.net
Columbus.net offers a cloud-based logistics-as-a-service platform. Their technology optimizes logistics management, providing businesses with real-time visibility and control over their supply chains.


Website: Klapty
Klapty is an SaaS tool and platform for creating and sharing virtual tours. Trusted by over 40,000 users worldwide, their technology enables users to present venues or locations in an immersive and interactive way.


Website: REOR20
REOR20 offers a SaaS, pre-event high fidelity flood risk assessment, and post-event accurate flood analysis. It serves as an important tool for risk management and effective planning.

With their innovative products and services, these 15 software startups from Switzerland are powerfully reshaping multiple sectors while contributing to technological advancements. They are excellent representations of Switzerland’s thriving software sector, which help prove the country’s capability to become a leading force in the global tech ecosystem.

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