Who are the Top Shaping Influencers in US EdTech Startups?

The growth and evolution of the edtech sector has been significant in recent years. The United States, being a well-established global hub for technological innovations, houses a myriad of edtech startups that are transforming the world through individualized learning experiences, online learning platforms, and unique educational resources. Here are 15 of these EdTech startups from the United States that are making a profound impact on the industry.

Each of these startups showcases a unique element of the edtech sphere, tackling challenges in education from different angles. From connecting African digital designers with enterprise companies to offering gamified e-learning solutions, these startups are truly pushing boundaries. Let’s take a look at these intriguing EdTech startups and their contributions to the educational technology landscape.

These EdTech companies are not only enhancing the education industry but also paving the way for other startups. By advancing technology to meet the evolving needs of learners, they are inspiring future trends in the industry and establishing a new educational normal.

Meaningful Gigs

Meaningful Gigs is a tech-enabled marketplace that upskills and connects skilled African digital designers with enterprise companies. Based in the United States, they are at the forefront of the EdTech industry.


Mentava is an EdTech software development company that supports high-performing students in achieving their potential, making them a significant contributor to the educational landscape.


Stride is a culmination of research, experience, and learning from Aaron Levy’s work over the last decade. This US-based EdTech startup has made substantial contributions to the sector.

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Representing the future of Cybersecurity education, CTFGuide is an EdTech startup that stands out in the domain of online security education.


BillionMinds is a WorkTech Skills Development SaaS in the EdTech industry, offering innovative solutions and resources for skill enhancement.


Klas makes it easier to teach anything online, significantly contributing to the world of digital education.


primeclass.io helps learners achieve their learning goals and get job-ready skills. With a 100% placement rate, this platform embodies the beneficial potentials of EdTech.

Exxeella Education Group LLC

Exxeella Education Group LLC provides knowledgeable, professional, and career-oriented solutions to students seeking an international education.

Urvin Finance

Urvin Finance develops a social network offering investors professional quality data, tools, and education, making financial learning easier and more accessible.


memoryOS is an ed-tech startup that develops innovative gamified e-learning software to help people significantly improve their memory, thereby enhancing the learning process.


Carousel is similar to Duolingo for Social-Emotional Learning (SEL), making the process engaging, interactive, and learner-friendly.

clubba inc

clubba inc provides virtual after-school activities for kids ages 6-12, led by college student club counselors. It’s a unique blend of education and extracurricular activities in an online setting.

Escalate USA

Escalate USA is a frontline retention platform helping employers retain talent and creating pathways for entry-level talent, bridging the gap between education and employment.

Rex Academy

Rex Academy offers a world-class coding platform to learn or teach computer science, democratizing the world of coding education.


OffWeGo is a student-centric risk management solution for international education, underlining the important role of EdTech in higher education and study abroad programs.

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