Will Comprehensive Business Development Services Revolutionise Small Business Success?

Key Takeaways:

  • Community Barn Ventures provides comprehensive business development services that aim to support the growth of small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Through its Development branch and App Farm, Community Barn Ventures delivers tailored software applications and a suite of organisational and strategic services.
  • Founded by Laura Sullivan and Jane Campbell, this Vermont-based startup has community-building at its core.

At the heart of Middlebury, Vermont, Community Barn Ventures is reshaping the business development landscape for small and medium-sized enterprises. Established by Laura Sullivan and Jane Campbell, Community Barn Ventures integrates business consultancy, event management, marketing strategy and retail expertise to support the growth of businesses and the community in which they operate. The company’s comprehensive approach goes beyond the typical consulting firm, fueling the question—will comprehensive business development services revolutionize small business success?

Community Barn Ventures embodies a holistic approach to business development. It recognises that the vitality of a business is intertwined with that of its environment. Therefore, it not only works to improve the inner workings of businesses but also uplifts the surrounding community. By offering a wealth of diverse services – from strategic planning and financial analysis to social media strategy and operational efficiency reviews – Community Barn Ventures ensures that the businesses they serve are equipped for success in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

What truly differentiates Community Barn Ventures from other consultancies is its two-pronged approach. The company’s primary arm, Community Barn Development, caters to the organisational needs of its clients, providing an array of services like business plan development or messaging frameworks. Moreover, to address unique business needs and opportunities within their client industries, Community Barn has established an App Farm. This innovative division crafts tailor-fit software applications for clients, aiding in the automation and integration of business processes. It is this integration of traditional consulting with advanced technological solutions that puts Community Barn Ventures at the vanguard of the industry.

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Furthermore, the startup maintains a strong commitment towards the development of its local community. By spurring entrepreneurial growth and establishing networks among local businesses, Community Barn Ventures works proactively to ensure the prosperity of its immediate social environment. Thus, its ethos not only promises growth for individual businesses but also contributes to the overall economic progress of the region.

Given its comprehensive range of services and innovative approach, it is fair to say that community-based startups like Community Barn Ventures could very well be at the forefront of a new paradigm in business development. With small and medium-sized businesses needing more support than ever in the transforming business landscape, the future of the industry certainly seems to steer towards concerted efforts like those of Community Barn. For more information about their services and approach, you can visit their website. Also, stay updated with their work through their social media handles on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


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