Which German Hardware Startups Are Revolutionizing the Tech Industry in 2023?

Germany is known for its robust economy and pioneering innovation across many fields. One sector that has been particularly dynamic in recent years is the hardware startup scene. From quantum computers to aviation equipment and fitness gear, a myriad of hardware startups in Germany are making their mark on the global stage. This article will introduce you to 15 of the most exciting and promising hardware startups in Germany.

These companies not only demonstrate the economic vitality and entrepreneurial spirit of Germany, but also its commitment to researching and tackling current global challenges. By tackling important issues from e-mobility and energy storage to communication systems and biotechnology, these German hardware startups demonstrate the power of technology and innovative thought.

Buckle up as we introduce you to some brilliant hardware companies that are rewriting the rules in their respective industries.


Niostem is dedicated to unlocking the body’s regenerative potential for hair growth. By leveraging biotechnology, the company is making strides in addressing hair loss and promoting regrowth from a whole new perspective.


Traggert is revolutionizing manufacturing by developing products that augment logistic processes. Their commitment to industrial advancement marks them as a standout in the hardware sector.


Yuri sits at the frontier of aerospace development by designing and manufacturing a wide range of hardware for the aviation industry. Their contributions play a vital role in enhancing the performance and safety of aircrafts.

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PlanQC is harnessing the power of quantum computing. By creating quantum computers atom by atom, they’re shaping the future of computational capabilities.

Quantum Optics Jena

Quantum Optics Jena uses quantum-based solutions to upgrade communication systems. Their cutting-edge technology ensures secure and fast communication, a necessity in the modern world.


RYNX specializes in developing highly connected and energy-efficient mechanical display solutions. Their advanced technologies are reshaping communication interfaces and interactions.


LUBIS EDA provides formal verification services, ensuring bug-free microchip systems. As the world becomes more reliant on computers, LUBIS EDA’s contributions to chip reliability are invaluable.

OZEANOS Technology GmbH

As a manufacturer of computer hardware and other appliances, OZEANOS Technology supports a broad range of technological needs across industries.

mioty alliance

Mioty alliance is a telecommunications company known for their innovative hardware. Their specialized solutions enhance connectivity and communication across the globe.


FitnessKit designs high-quality training equipment for the callisthenics community. By catering to a wide range of users, FitnessKit brings fitness and wellness to more people.

hsp solutions

hsp solutions provides custom software that meets specific business requirements. As the digital transformation accelerates, hsp solutions plays a vital role in helping businesses transition smoothly.

Procom Logistics

Procom Logistics offers customized information technology solutions and services. Their expertise improves the functionality and efficiency of logistics systems, assisting businesses in managing complex supply chains.


LIQUIDLOOP accelerates research in green energy storage and conversion. By tackling one of the most pressing global issues, LIQUIDLOOP demonstrates the transformative power of technology.

bk systems

bk systems provides a wide range of information technology and software services. Their comprehensive solutions help businesses thrive in the digital age.

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Wir machen Technik

Wir machen Technik offers engineering services for e-mobility and product development. Their innovations lead the way towards greener and more efficient modes of transportation.

In conclusion, these German hardware startups are redefining the boundaries of technology and innovation. Each of them, with their unique vision and commitment, is contributing to a brighter and more advanced future. Whether it’s in energy, telecommunications or manufacturing, their solutions are driving positive change and continuous growth.

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