Which Swiss Cryptocurrency Startups Are Shaping the Global Blockchain Industry?

Switzerland has long been known for being a hub of innovation. This reputation extends into the world of cryptocurrency, where many notable startups are creating a buzz. With the rise of blockchain technology, these startups’ trailblazing work is attracting international attention. Here, we take a look at 15 interesting cryptocurrency startups and companies based in Switzerland that are making their mark.

From creating unique platforms to providing cutting-edge solutions for digital asset investment, these Swiss companies are making significant contributions to the ever-evolving cryptocurrency industry. Covering everything from social trading to decentralized finance, there is a wide range of innovation within this list. Let’s dive in and learn more about what they are offering.

We’ll introduce each one by highlighting their unique selling points, their industry, and what they do, along with providing a link to their website for those who wish to explore further. Each company here has something unique to offer, both to the cryptocurrency world and to the broader technological ecosystem.


Shardeum is an EVM-based, linearly scalable smart contract platform. This startup operates within the cryptocurrency industry, offering a unique and comprehensive approach to smart contract management.


Nested is a social trading platform that allows users to create and invest in “financial NFTs”. Operating in the cryptocurrency industry, Nested’s innovative platform is bridging the gap between social media and cryptocurrency.

Ydentity Organization

Ydentity ID is the world’s first tokenized identity for value transfer. As a key player in the cryptocurrency industry, Ydentity offers a unique proposition by integrating identity into the value transfer process.

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Liquity is a Swiss cryptocurrency company offering interest-free borrowing, built on Ethereum. Their unique approach to lending offers a refreshing alternative to traditional borrowing methods.


IMPRESSO is fast-tracking career growth and hiring for professionals and recruiters through the automation of CV verification. Despite operating within the cryptocurrency industry, IMPRESSO’s primary focus is on enhancing hiring processes.

GlassChain Analytics

GlassChain Analytics specializes in blockchain analytics and compliance within the cryptocurrency sector. This Swiss company helps businesses maintain compliance within their blockchain operations.


Bainox is a Swiss mining company within the cryptocurrency industry. This startup offers an opportunity for investors to get involved in the lucrative world of cryptocurrency mining.

256 Management AG

256 Management AG specializes in decentralised finance, DeFi, Crypto, and investment management in the cryptocurrency industry. This startup is offering unique investment opportunities in the cryptocurrency sector.


Diem is an independent, not-for-profit membership organization that aids in the creation of a simple global currency. This Swiss cryptocurrency company is dedicated to simplifying global currency transactions.

Islamic Coin

Islamic Coin is a native currency of Haqq focusing on empowering the Muslim community with a financial instrument for the digital age. It’s amongst the very first to place a priority on Islamic values within cryptocurrency.


pNetwork is a decentralized platform within the cryptocurrency industry. Their platform offers investors the ability to keep their transactions truly private.


BloodLoop is a pioneering MMO-FPS game, with a decentralized economy, inspired by top competitive video games. This Swiss startup merges the industry of cryptocurrency with gaming in an innovative way.

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Caizcoin offers payment solutions and global money transfers within the cryptocurrency industry. This startup bridges the gap between traditional money transfers and cryptocurrency.

Sportcash One

Sportcash One is an innovative blockchain and NFT solution for the Sports and Media industries. This Swiss cryptocurrency company is bringing blockchain technology to the world of sports and media.


MachinaLabs develops Machinatrader, a premier platform to develop, execute and license digital asset investment strategies. This company offers innovative solutions for digital asset management within the cryptocurrency sector.

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