Who are France’s Most Impactful Computer Startups Shaping 2023?

Welcome to this edition of StartupBubble.news. Within this showcase, we present the exceptional work being done by computer startups across France. France, often celebrated for its cuisine and culture, is also a hotbed for industry-leading tech innovation. From Fiscalité to Bordeaux, French computer startups are driving the global tech industry forward with their innovative solutions.

Today, we are highlighting some of these movers and shakers in the French tech scene. These forward-thinking companies are harnessing the power of technology in their own unique ways – from quantum computing to healthcare solutions, and from productivity apps to network security. These businesses are redefining how we utilise computing in a wide range of sectors.

So, let’s delve into this fascinating world of French computer startups and see how these companies are shaping the future of tech.


At the cutting edge of quantum computing, PASQAL creates quantum processors to crack the most complex computing challenges. Their work is not just about the power of technology, but the power of possibility.


APWine is leveraging blockchain technology to transform decentralized finance. Their DeFi protocol allows traders to capitalise on unrealised yield, opening up new opportunities in crypto markets.


Hera is reinventing the humble calendar app, using technology to boost productivity. With a range of innovative features, Hera is helping people organise their lives more effectively and efficiently.

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Alegria.tech is empowering start-ups, SMEs, and larger businesses with NoCode solutions. Their digital tools and platforms make it easy for businesses to create and innovate, even without technical expertise.

Once App

Once App is harnessing the power of software to create transformative digital solutions. Detailed specifics about their projects are a closely-guarded secret, but the buzz is certainly building in the French tech scene.


Fleet is revolutionizing the IT landscape by providing a comprehensive Device-as-a-Service solution. This includes leasing, warranty, and premium IT support that ensure smooth business operations.


Avhiral specialises in computer and network security, offering research and development in computing, electronics, and telecommunications. Their work ensures optimal system resilience in a world of numerous tech threats.

Cegedim Santé

Cegedim Santé bridges the gap between tech and healthcare, offering digital solutions and services for healthcare professionals and patients. Their work improves patient care and facilitates efficient healthcare practices.

Rumble Studio

With a focus on the future of content creation, Rumble Studio specialises in recording, interviewing, and publishing audio materials. Their technology is transforming how we create and consume audio content.


Fleex understands the importance of comfortable and productive work environments. They offer services including computer, desk, and chair rentals to ensure every workspace is optimised for productivity.


Inasoft develops software applications in Saas and On-Premises mode for businesses of all sizes. Their specialised recruiting solutions streamline HR efforts for efficiency and effectiveness.

Medusa System

As a software development company, Medusa System crafts bespoke tech solutions to meet the specific needs of their clients. They continue to push the boundaries of what can be achieved with software.

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The cloud might be intangible, but it’s very real for Wakers. This network security company provides comprehensive solutions for adopting and securing cloud solutions in a business environment.

Univers Network

Univers Network is a computer networking products company. They create and distribute a host of products that not only connect devices, but people and ideas as well.

Smi De L’est

Smi De L’est is an IT services company that offers various IT solutions along with technical support. They ensure that IT functions as a lever for success and not a barrier for businesses.

In closing, this showcase of French computer startups is truly inspiring. These companies demonstrate the creativity and ingenuity of tech entrepreneurs in France. The future of technology is certainly brighter with these innovators at the helm.

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