Revolutionizing Logistics in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Future of On-Demand Delivery Services?

Key Takeaways:

  • eRRANDS is an on-demand logistics mobile and web application revolutionizing delivery service in Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • The startup is catering specifically to the logistics needs of SMEs and small-scale farmers in the region.
  • The primary differential of eRRANDS is its role as the “Lyft for logistics”, streamlining the supply chain management process.
  • eRRANDS’ potential growth reflects the future of the delivery service and logistics industry in developing markets.


Sub-Saharan Africa is witnessing a surge of innovation and startups that are tackling some of the region’s most pressing challenges. Among these, eRRANDS is a game changing startup based in Lagos, Nigeria, offering logistics solutions to SMEs and small farmers via web and mobile technology. The company is described as the “Lyft for logistics”, and its influence is being felt not only in Nigeria but it’s also in the process of extending its services across the Sub-Saharan Africa, LATAM & MENA logistic markets.

eRRANDS effectively combines Mobile Apps and Supply Chain Management techniques to develop a new approach to solving longstanding logistic problems. The ‘last mile’ challenges of delivery, which have traditionally plagued rural and underserved communities, are now addressable with eRRANDS’ innovative model of service delivery.


What sets eRRANDS apart is their unique application of technology to solve real-world logistical issues. Key to their success is the understanding of localized needs and circumstances in Sub-Saharan Africa, a factor which has allowed them to tailor their service delivery model to best suit SMEs and small farmers. Navigating the logistics of delivery in rural and underdeveloped regions demands specific insight and problem-solving skills that the founding team has mastered.

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Furthermore, the startup distinguishes itself from competitors in the African logistics space through its proactive collaboration with local communities and SMEs. By operating as an ally rather than imposing an external solution, eRRANDS is generating buy-in and trust amongst its customer base. This, in turn, is maximizing the potential for long-term business sustainability.


The future of the delivery services and logistics industry, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa, holds significant potential for innovative startups like eRRANDS. As urbanisation progresses and demand for streamlined delivery services grows, companies that are proactive in leveraging technology and including the local communities in their processes stand to reap the benefits. The focus eRRANDS has placed on meeting specific localized requirements shows promise in driving the company’s growth and development in the sector.

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