What Are Wyoming’s Most Influential FinTech Startups Impacting 2023 Trends?

As the digital revolution continues to influence the financial sector, many FinTech startups are springing up all over the world to meet the rising demand for online financial solutions. Wyoming, United States, known for its sound business infrastructure, has become a hub for various innovative FinTech startups. From cryptocurrency exchanges to digital banks, online loan advisors to education fintech – this is a roundup of 15 interesting FinTech startups making their mark in Wyoming, United States.

Each of these startups brings a unique concept or approach to the finance world, and could potentially reshape the way we conduct our financial activities. Their novel technologies and unique business models have garnered significant interest from investors, consumers, and financial institutions alike. These startups are not only meeting the basic needs of consumers but are also addressing broader economic issues, such as financial inclusion and affordability.

Now, let’s look into these individual companies, their offerings, and what makes them unique in this constantly evolving landscape.

Eve Exchange

Eve Exchange is an interesting cryptocurrency exchange and e-commerce solution. Offering an array of digital financial services, the firm combines FinTech innovation with the opportunities presented by the cryptocurrency market.


Out to transform financial services through cryptocurrency, KoinWa is a Fintech platform that could potentially revolutionize the way we perceive and use cryptocurrency in our everyday transactions.

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Mia Share

In the educational sector, Mia Share partners with schools to offer technology solutions for affordable student financing, creating a more financially inclusive learning environment.


Targeting millennial and Gen Z gamers, Zytara is a financial technology company offering services designed with the needs and preferences of these digital natives in mind.

Crypto Bank

Crypto Bank is providing fintech solutions for both the unbanked and the banking sector. Combining Blockchain and AI, they have managed to sculpt a banking, storage, payments & trading system suitable for both Crypto & Fiat currencies.


FIDIS is offering a digital finance platform for wealth management and savings. Notably, they are offering their services through forms of wealth such as physical gold and cryptocurrency.


Secvolt, Inc. is a global investment management firm providing digital finance solutions for wealth and investment management, bringing a global investment perspective to the digital finance world.


RealEx stands out with their real estate-backed cryptocurrency, offering what could be seen as the perfect blend of traditional property investing and modern financial tech.


PowerDFI unlocks the financing capacity of Physical assets via the blockchain. Their approach further extends the possibilities of asset-based lending.

Purs App

Operating on open financial data, Purs App offers an alternative financing web app that effectively connects lenders and consumers at the point of sale.

HeartRithm, LLC

For those interested in the trading of digital currency, HeartRithm, LLC provides algorithmic trading solutions.

Premier Loan Advisors

Premier Loan Advisors offers high-tech digital services to banks, credit unions, and other institutional investors, facilitating whole loan and participation sales.

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Golipay is a global digital banking service offered through its website and mobile app. They aim to reconsolidate the idea of how banking should be.


Providing FinTech solutions for businesses, Zinari offers a Crypto Payments API. This could potentially streamline business transactions in an increasingly digital economy.

Krome World

Krome World offers a comprehensive crypto and trading platform. This makes it a desirable destination for both beginners and advanced users who are interested in cryptocurrency investment.

In conclusion, the vibrant and varied FinTech startup scene in Wyoming reaffirms the notion that there is space for growth, innovation and diversity in the financial technology sector. The mix of the above startups gives us a snapshot of the radical shifts happening in our financial world and how Wyoming is embracing the change.

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