Who are Wyoming’s Top Pioneers in the 2023 E-Commerce Industry?

Renowned for its cowboy spirit and natural beauty, Wyoming might not be the first place you think of when it comes to tech and e-commerce innovation. However, the state is home to a number of unique and trailblazing startups that are making waves in the e-commerce sector. These companies are capitalizing on the digital opportunities, providing a diverse range of products and services to a global audience – from water supplies to commodity marketplace, skincare products to shower and bath gifts and more. Here, we take a look at some of the most interesting e-commerce companies based in Wyoming.


As the most trusted water supplier in the world, Powwater is redefining the standard for clean, accessible drinking water. Their e-commerce platform makes it easy for customers to get the top-quality water they need, wherever they are.


Linking physical commodities to NFT’s through smart contracts on a blockchain, GloComX is not your average e-commerce company. This community-based marketplace highlights the increasing intersection between e-commerce and digital tech.


Specializing in the DTC, marketplace, SaaS, and supply chain sectors, bowr harnesses the power of e-commerce to boost business performance and outcomes.


Pushing boundaries in sexual wellness products, MARIEMUR is an e-commerce platform that empowers consumers with luxury leather and lingerie items. This Wyoming-based business is a standout example of niche e-commerce done right.

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For the aviation enthusiasts, there is AllAvionics.com. Trusting this e-commerce retailer with providing the latest avionics, instruments, and supplies signifies a strong vote of consumer confidence.


Embracing digital transactions, Giftcardsify allows consumers worldwide to buy e-Gift cards with cryptocurrency. The online service prioritizes secure, fast and easy transactions.

Prime Homeware L.L.C.

Not only does Prime Homeware L.L.C. offer an extensive range of home goods and décor, but it also operates as an Amazon FBA seller, exemplifying the new face of retail in a digital era.


For skincare aficionados, Coreal provides an exquisite range of skincare products. Their user-friendly site makes it easy for customers to navigate and buy their desired products with ease.

Lamne Services

Wiht a focus on digital marketing, business development, sales automation, e-commerce solutions, and consultancy services, Lamne Services is helping businesses thrive in the online space.

VandCommerce LLC

Although details are scant, indexation signifies that Wyoming is home to an entity known as VandCommerce LLC, a company that also fits into our e-commerce theme.


Ecomartists offers unique personalized products for their customers, valuing individuality and creativity across their platform.

Alouette & Co

Capitalizing on the demand for natural products, Alouette & Co offers giftable shower and bath products. Despite the brand’s instant connotations to France, all products are proudly made in the USA.

Iced Silver

Intended to provide shoppers with a unique shopping experience, Iced Silver is another Wyoming-based eCommerce store of note.

Unique Soft

Operating in telecommunication, Unique Soft offers hosting, business numbers, sip trunk services, and wholesale VoIP minute services. This company is the embodiment of the telecom industry evolution.

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Rounding out our list, we have Shopocratic, another e-commerce marketplace with its roots firmly planted in Wyoming. This digital platform facilitates online shopping, further highlighting the State’s increasing influence in the e-commerce arena.

In conclusion, Wyoming’s e-commerce industry showcases a diverse and exciting range of startups and companies, demonstrating that innovation is alive and well in the Cowboy State.

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