Which US ERP Startups are Transforming the Enterprise Resource Landscape?

In the rapidly evolving world of digitization and cloud computing, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has become a significant tool for businesses to automate and simplify their operations. ERP firms in the United States are at the forefront of this revolution, creating innovative solutions tailored for specific industry needs. Being the epicenter of digital innovation, American startups are creating powerful, convenient, and scalable ERP platforms for businesses of all sizes. Below, we introduce 15 American ERP startups that are making waves with their unique propositions.

ERP systems are business management software that integrates various functions into one complete system. These functions can include planning, inventory management, marketing, sales, human resources, and more. These startups are playing a critical role in shaping the future of ERP solutions, with AI, SaaS, and cloud technologies making ERP more accessible and user-friendly.

Whether it’s a small-sized enterprise searching for comprehensive ERP software or a large corporation looking for specific industry solutions, here are 15 American ERP startups making a significant impact and setting new standards in the industry.

SIDIS Health

SIDIS Health is revolutionizing the world of healthtech through its unique Enterprise SaaS 2.0+AI EHR/Clinic Operations Platform, tailored specifically for Autism/ABA Therapy Services, Business & Financial Management. Combining the power of AI with SaaS, SIDIS provides a comprehensive solution to streamline health clinic operations.


EOXS is a technology enabler for the steel industry, offering powerful ERP, CRM, and e-commerce solutions. They are leveraging technology to optimize operations in a conventionally analog industry and pave the way for the digital transformation of the steel industry.

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Raptech Inc.

With a focus on collaboration and efficiency, Raptech is providing a cloud-based business process management (BPM) platform, aligning businesses and their operations seamlessly.


Odix is targeting startups and small businesses with its ERP solutions. Simplicity, flexibility, and functionality are the cornerstones of Odix’s ERP platform.


ERP365 offers a comprehensive ERP software solution that encompasses CRM, finance, supply chain, and human resources (HR). ERP365 is the one-stop-shop ERP solution for businesses of all sizes.


Cadena is building a global talent marketplace for web3 through education, community, and opportunities. They are shaping the future of talent sourcing and management using advanced ERP solutions.

ResNet AI

ResNet AI is a software company providing ERP-related services. Utilizing AI, ResNet AI is driving the future of ERP with automation and intelligent data handling.


Enerpize is offering an all-in-one management software solution incorporating sales, ERP, inventory, and more. It’s specifically designed for small to medium-sized enterprises(SMEs).


Bizbud is catering to the unique needs of cannabis farms with its smart logbook app for accounting and management, showcasing the diversity of ERP applications in various sectors.


Vehiki is the nation’s first dedicated vehicle service marketplace, connecting automotive technicians with local drivers via a mobile app. Their unique business model is backed by a strong ERP system.


Moducore is a native cloud-based platform designed and developed specifically for the offsite manufacturing industry. This ERP solution is revolutionizing the way offsite manufacturing operations are conducted.

PeppyBooks Inc

PeppyBooks is leading SaaS Based integrated business management software system for CRM, Accounting and Project Management, simplifying and unifying critical business operations.

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ProInsight specializes in strategic and continuous planning for workday customers. ProInsight is helping businesses optimize their resource planning with strategic intelligence.


EDEN is developing a CRM/ERP solution to cater to the unique needs of developing economies, bringing the power of ERP to regions with immense growth potential.

EPIC Workflow

EPIC Workflow is a platform for pre-project planning and contextual communication services. This startup point right at the enormous shift the ERP industry is witnessing towards project-based solutions.

These 15 startups symbolize the diversity, dynamism, and the revolutionary transformation that ERP solutions are bringing to the business landscape. The evolution of ERP has only just begun, and these startups are making an incredible impact and a promising future.

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