Who Are Bangladesh’s Foremost Influencers in the 2023 E-Commerce Landscape?

Startups are thriving in the realm of e-commerce, a sector that has witnessed exponential growth in recent years. The world has seen a boom in e-commerce businesses as people are continuously switching to online platforms for their shopping needs. In this context, Bangladesh is not lagging. Many aspiring entrepreneurs have taken the initiative to explore new possibilities in this arena, promoting economic growth and creating opportunities. Let’s take a look at 15 innovative e-commerce startups based in Bangladesh.


KhaniDani is revolutionizing the food industry with its app and website-based delivery service. This start-up focuses on bringing efficiency to the online food delivery, restaurant and food business supply chain, and grocery and food network. By harnessing digital platforms, KhaniDani is shaping a new era of food delivery in Bangladesh.


GONTOP is a trusted digital online game store. It leads the market in Bangladesh by providing access to countless gaming options. As with all great startups, GONTOP recognises its customer’s need for excitement and fun, therein positioning itself as the go-to platform for online gaming.


SEORDEV provides expert SEO and web development services. This Bangladeshi start-up is helping businesses enhance their online presence, ultimately driving traffic and sales. Whether it is about climbing the Google rankings or developing a professional website, SEORDEV has got all the bases covered.


With the aim to reshape the shopping experience, iSHOP started its journey as a reliable e-commerce platform in Bangladesh. iSHOP offers a vast range of products, catering to the diverse needs of its customer-base.

Read Database

Read Database provides businesses with email marketing databases and contact sales leads. This startup drives successful marketing campaigns and helps businesses achieve their sales goals.

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Amader Cart

Amader Cart has positioned itself as a premier digital products e-commerce site in Bangladesh. Established by Niloy Rashid Jaki, the startup offers an extensive range of digital products to cater to tech-savvy consumers.


Karigor.xyz is an innovative platform that offers a marketplace, mobile app and cash-on-delivery services. The startup capitalizes on digital technologies to deliver an exceptional shopping experience for consumers in Bangladesh.

Shampoo BD

Shampoo BD specializes in the import and sale of branded shampoo for men and women. The startup ensures that customers get access to international brands at a click of a button.

GadStyle BD

GadStyle BD is an online commerce store that offers mobile covers, earphones, watches, and other accessories. The startup is dedicated to making the shopping of gadgets easy and efficient for consumers.


MultiVariants is a Software as a Service (SaaS) designed to enhance Shopify stores. By facilitating consumer-friendly navigation and interface, this Bangladesh-based startup is transforming the e-commerce ecosystem for Shopify store owners.


Azon LTD is another rapidly growing e-commerce company in Bangladesh. The company offers a diverse range of products and efficient delivery of services.


SpecDecoder serves one of the largest trusted databases of mobile electronic devices in Bangladesh. The startup allows consumers to choose from a wide variety of gadgets based on their specifications.

Gadgets Hill

Gadgets Hill is a top online retailer of electronics in Bangladesh. The startup is persistently expanding its product range, allowing consumers to buy a wide range of electronics and gadgets under one roof.


DROPSHEP is a truck booking app, focusing on the B2B2C market in Bangladesh. The startup endeavors to reshape the trucking market by digitizing its operations, thereby enhancing its accessibility and reach.

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PriyoMach is an online shopping platform, dedicated to aquarium enthusiasts in Bangladesh. It houses a vast range of aqua accessories, thus uplifting the shopping experience for this niche segment.

These inspiring startups represent just a fraction of the emerging e-commerce ecosystem of companies taking the lead in Bangladesh. Each of these startups, in their unique way, is contributing to the expansion and enhancement of the burgeoning e-commerce industry of the country.

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