Which Bangladesh Software Startups are Shaping Global Tech Landscape in 2023?

The tech scene in Bangladesh has been growing at a rapid rate over the past few years. The country has seen a surge of software startups that are revolutionizing traditional industries and creating new opportunities. Here, we explore 15 notable software startups from Bangladesh that are making strides in the global tech ecosystem.

These companies represent a diverse range of industries and services. From food delivery to inventory management, and from influencer marketing to cloud services. Each of these companies offer unique and innovative solutions that are not only transforming businesses in Bangladesh but also creating a noticeable impact globally.

Let’s dive in and take a deeper look at each of these startups and explore what makes them tick.

Kloud Project

Based in Chittagong, Kloud Project offers a comprehensive food delivery and retail solution. Their software is tailored to the needs of local businesses, leveraging advanced tech to streamline operations and improve customer service.


Cyberneticsbd specializes in providing cloud and mobile ERP solutions to businesses operating in the retail, restaurant, and distribution sectors. Their goal is to help businesses scale and grow more efficiently.


The Liderboot Group is a conglomerate based in Sylhet, Bangladesh. They have diversified interests, but invest heavily in software development and digital technologies.

Cash Flow Inventory

Cash Flow Inventory offers an online inventory management and forecasting software designed to help businesses maintain optimum inventory levels and reduce associated costs.

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Hypevaly is a unique platform that connects businesses with influencers. Their software uses a contactless E-commerce approach to simplify the process of finding and engaging influencers.

Nazihar IT

Based in Bangladesh, Nazihar IT has perfected the art of designing and developing finance and accounting solutions for businesses.


Specializing in email verification, MailRefine ensures that businesses maintain a clean email list, leading to decreased email bouncing and improved efficiency in communication.

Quickly Services

Quickly Services is a SaaS company that is reinventing how businesses leverage software to streamline operations and grow.

OmniSoft IT

Recognized as one of the best IT companies in Bangladesh, OmniSoft IT is a hub for innovative software solutions that drive business growth.

Call Developers

Call Developers offers comprehensive web-based solutions – from design to development. The company works with businesses to integrate complex technology solutions seamlessly.


Rubik is dedicated to creating an ecosystem that transforms the traditional economy into a sustainable, efficient, and circular one.

AST International Limited

Whether digital or non-digital, AST International offers a range of tech and creative services to businesses, aiding them in their growth endeavours.


AsrafulWeb is a Digital Agency located in Munshiganj, Bangladesh. Founded by Mx Asraful, the company offers a range of web and digital services.


DhakaHost provides a range of cloud-based services, including web hosting, reseller hosting and virtual private server solutions.


ApkBongo is a platform for downloading Android apps and games. Their service offers a great alternative for users looking for specific or rare applications.

From food delivery to the digital transformation of businesses, Bangladeshi software startups continue to demonstrate their ability to innovate and challenge the status quo. If the current trend is anything to go by, the future looks bright for Bangladesh’s tech ecosystem.

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